The One City You Need To Visit When You're In Michigan: Grand Rapids

There are many great things about Michigan and there are many great towns and cities in this great mitten state. Detroit is the comeback city and offers much to see and do, and Lansing is the state capitol and always worth a visit, but you really need to visit Grand Rapids, whether you live in Michigan or you are just visiting.

Why visit Grand Rapids?

There are literally a million reasons to visit Grand Rapids. Not only is a one of the biggest cities in Michigan, but it is also a hub of art, history, culture, and music. There is always something to do in Grand Rapids. You will find endless choices of great cuisine, entertainment galore, and art everywhere you turn.

Even when Art Prize isn't in town, even when there aren't festivities going on like The Eastown Streetfair or the Festival of the Arts, there is still always something to do. From movie theaters to ballet and stage theater, to local and national bands on the stages of big and small venues, it is a cultural mecca for fun and excitement.


There are many great places to shop in Grand Rapids, not all of them chain stores. If you take a stroll around downtown Grand Rapids you'll be amazed at the little shops. You can even still find a good old record store, Vertigo Music, that sells, among other things, actual vinyl, new and used. If you travel to some of the suburbs you will find other interesting and fun places to shop.


If you want a big show you can go to the Van Andel Arena, DeVos Hall, or even The Deltaplex. If you want to catch some smaller more intimate shows, or local bands, check out places like The Intersection, The Pyramid Scheme, The Orbit Room, or Billy's Lounge. Grand Rapids is home to many great local bands of all genres.

Dining Out

From national chains to amazing local diners, Grand Rapids has food for everyone. If you want a hot dog you can have a great one in Eastown at Yesterdog. If you are in the mood for a great pizza, you'll want to try Vito's Pizza or Peppino's Pizza. If you want something classier try San Chez downtown. You could eat at a different restaurant each meal each day during your visit and still miss out on some great food.

There are so many things to do and places to see in Grand Rapids that it is simply impossible to mention them all here. That is why Grand Rapids is a must visit city anytime you find yourself in Michigan and want to find something fun and interesting to do.

Yvonne Stegall is a Michigan-based author and freelance writer who loves road trips, wildlife, and tourist traps. Learn more about Yvonne at her website.