The world's most beautiful flower garden is absolutely mesmerizing

It's like stepping into a dreamland...

It should come as no surprise that Tokyo is the most populat tourist destination in Japan... and there's a good reason that's the case: it's a city unlike any other. But it can be a good thing to escape the hustle and bustle of the massive city, and if you're in the mood for some quiet, peaceful time in nature, then take the two hour journey from Tokyo to the Tochigi Prefecture's Ashikaga Flower Park. You'll feel like you're lightyears away from the skyscrapers and crowds as you wander around the magical landscape overflowing with blossoms.

The park is home to the famed Wisteria Tunnel that you've probably seen all over Pinterest and various inspiration boards. The pathway is enveloped by a trellis dripping with white and purple flowers. Of course, a display this impressive takes time and effort to cultivate; some of the wisteria are over 150 years old! The cascading wisteria is native to Japan, and it can be famously difficult to grow. Shades of purple, white, pale pink, and yellow can be seen throughout the garden, and the double-petal varities make the gardens even more colorful. In addition to the tunnel is the 100+ year old tree of dripping wisteria: the branches are supported so that you can walk into the veritable hideout of sweet-smelling flowers.

Of course, they grow more than just wisteria... and if you can pull yourself away from the enchanting tunnel, you can see that the other flowers are just as stunning. You'll find tulips anc crocus in the early spring, roses and rhodedendrons and hydrangeas in the summer, blooming sage and tropical water lillies in the fall, and a beautiful lights display in the winter; their lights tunnel mimics, and is almost more impressive than, the wisteria tunnel you can find in the spring.

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