Offbeat Accommodations: Camping in Amsterdam

When someone says "Amsterdam", you probably immediately envision the picturesque canals, the Red Light District, coffee shops and bicycles. If I had to take a guess, camping is not a word many people would associate with Amsterdam. However, one of the most surprising things about Amsterdam is the number of outdoor campsites they have right in the city. If you're looking for a more offbeat accommodation for your next trip to Amsterdam, why not try camping?

Camping Zeeburg Amsterdam

Located just a 25-minute bike ride from Centraal Station, Camping Zeeburg Amsterdam offers visitors a traditional camping experience just steps from the cities biggest sights. What makes Camping Zeeburg unique is the number of different types of accommodations available for visitors. Aside from traditional tent and RV camping, visitors can choose to stay in Eco-Cabins and Wagonettes. The colourful Eco-Cabins feature a sustainable living roof, come fully furnished, including all bedding, and have space for singles or groups up to 4 people. The Wagonettes are cozy two-wheel houses, perfect for visitors who aren't interested in tent camping, but still want the experience of sleeping outdoors. Wagonettes are also fully furnished, including linens, and can be heated on cold nights.

Camping Vliegenbos

Located just north of the River IJ, Camping Vliengenbos is an easy 15-minute bike ride from Centraal Station. Camping Vliengenbos offers the traditional tent and RV camping experience, but guests also have the option to stay in cabins or the campsite's new Camping Hotel. Designed by young local designers, the site's cabins come fully furnished, but guests are required to bring their own linens and bedding. The clustered placement of the cabins make it great for individuals who want to get to know other travellers as well as for larger groups.

Vliengenbos' new Camping Hotel consists of 20 large canvas tents placed together surrounding a semi-covered outdoor kitchen and living room. The hotel's tents are quite large, each furnished with four beds. This is a great way for visitors to enjoy a unique take on the traditional camping experience.

Amsterdam City Camp

Located just a 5 minute bike ride north of Centraal Station, Amsterdam City Camp is the city's only camping site designed exclusively for RVs and motor homes. Lots are located along the River IJ, giving guests breathtaking views of the city from the quiet grounds. Amsterdam City Camp offers round the clock security and surveillance and guests can check in and out as needed. With the ferry dock located right next to the grounds, campers can get to the Centraal Station in minutes, where the rest of your city exploration can be be done by public transport.

Tori Holmes is a freelance copywriting and social media specialist living in Amsterdam. Born and raised in Canada, she quickly learning that her new city is full of surprises.