8 Places to Have Breakfast in Madison, Wisconsin

In a land known for it's dairy and agricultural industry, it's no surprise that there are many quality establishments that utilize local Wisconsin ingredients. The resources bestowed upon America's Dairyland probably lends itself best to supplying the ingredients for a delicious breakfast. Wisconsin's capitol, Madison, offers a long list of breakfast options from local greasy spoons with an eclectic charm to the posh and trendy downtown diners.

Lazy Jane's Cafe
If you don't mind a place dressed in decor to mimic your Aunt Betty's house, look no further than Lazy Jane's Diner. Jane's has an eclectic feel, set in the Willy Street district.

This is not a sit-down restaurant, it works more like a lunch counter/deli line. The food is plentiful, delicious, and served quickly.

Basset Street Brunch Club
The "Brunch Club" is downtown. It's hip. Parking can be tricky if you're not staying in the city's center. The interior is thoughtfully clad in robot and mid-century sci-fi. It's best characterized as a pretentious iHop with incredible food.

Getting down to the grub, the stuffed blueberry pancakes are delicious. If you don't mind a hipster or seven and a bit of pomp and circumstance, check this place out.

Clasen's European Bakery
If you're simply looking for a quality pastry, this place is amazing. You can sample their line of breads, rolls, breakfast pastries, and homemade quiche.

The morning bun, which is simply tightly rolled fried bread, is assaulted with as much cinnamon and granulated sugar that can cling to it's surface.

Greenbush Bakery
Homemade donuts and apple fritters as big as your head. Yum! Greenbush has been serving Madison breakfast since 1996 and is best known for adhering to Jewish law as a certified kosher dairy kitchen.

Pasqual's Cantina
Breakfast and brunch with a southwest slant. They have the best breakfast burrito you'll ever have. A flour tortilla rolled with eggs beans and your choice of chorizo or bacon; topped with either rosa or verde sauce and a side of breakfast potatoes.

Mickie's Dairy Bar
Mickey's is the greasy-spoon neighborhood haunt that every college kid that has since moved out of state will have fond memories of. The servings are enormous, so bring your appetite. The scramblers are quite frankly out of control.

Original Pancake House
This place is an institution in Madison. If you want a delicious breakfast, look no further. Wait times can be rather long. So, come early because the place fills up fast week after week.

Sofra Bistro
The Lumani family has been serving the greater Madison area with their tradition family cuisine for over 25 years. The location was first named the Bavarian Family Restaraunt. Feeling that their heritage may have been overlooked they pivoted to embrace thier Albanian roots with the introduction of Sofra Bistro, loosely translated as "family table" in Albanian.

Sofra's menu features the standard lineup of breakfast essentials sprinkled with an ethnic flair. Specifically, Albanian sausage with eggs. The sausage consists of lamb and beef tied together with various spices and herbs. A taste that may be more prevalent in The Balkans or Mediterranean rather than Madison, WI.

Jeff Finup is a cheesehead, born and bred. Hailing from Madison, he's written for publications like Discover Wisconsin and enjoys all things "sconnie". Which is mostly beer, cheese, and the Green Bay Packers. You can read more of his work and find out what he's up to by visiting his blog.