Top New Restaurants to Try in 2016 in Fargo

Fargo's restaurant scene is consistently changing. New restaurants open, many of them close, and then the cycle begins again. But every once in awhile a restaurant opens that makes it on your lists like the 'must-bring-everyone-who-visits-me-here' list, the 'Oops-they-know-me-by-name-now' list, or the 'Where-has-this-been-all-my-life?!' list. The restaurants below all find themselves on one or more of those lists.

Viet Palace

Viet Palace is a bit out of the way for downtowners and visitors, but if you want the best pho in town (the proof is in the broth) it's worth the drive. Plus, the staff is kindand the place is still a secret of sorts so there's never a wait.

Habesha Ethiopian

This outpost of Ethiopian cuisine is new and getting busy so if you haven't tried their lentil dal or key wot, drop what you're doing and go get some. Plus who doesn't love an excuse to eat with their hands?!

Everest Tikka House

Even though it's just across the river in Moorhead, this gem of an Indian restaurant is probably my new favorite place. They partnered with Ugly Food to bring a vegetarian buffet using leftover produce from Woodchuck Farm and make one hell of a _.

Brunch at the HoDo

Fargo has been sorely missing brunch. If there's one thing that I lament most often about this city, it's their lack of brunch culture. But that's about to change because the HoDo, known for its farm to table creative modern American fare, is trying to make brunch a thing. And it's working. Put an egg on it - it being the biscuits and gravy, huevos rancheros, or their goat cheese omelette (which doesn't need any more eggs because it is fluffy cheesy perfection).

Rustica Tavern

Rustica opened up a pub style tavern next door to their upscale restaurant and it's my happy hour go to. $3 select craft beers and $5 pizzas with toppings like bechamel, beef tongue, or buffalo mozzarella will leave you incredibly satisfied.

... and the award for most anticipated restaurant that which has yet to open but I know will be a hit goes to the cafe opening inside Midmodmadhaus! Because let's face it, when Andrea Baumgartner alludes to secret recipe bagels with schmear, my mouth salivates as if on cue.

Jodi Regan is a freelance event planner and writer in Fargo, ND. With a Masters in Philosophy from the University of Chicago, she has experience working as an adjunct professor and a project manager for TED and Chicago Humanities Festival. She has previously lived in Florida, New York, Chicago, England, and Namibia.