Five People You'll Meet on an MTA Bus in NYC

No ride on an MTA bus is uneventful. Whether you're a regular or simply using public transportation to get to the next destination on your travel itinerary, you're bound to encounter these five people on a New York City bus.

nyc mta metro card bus stop
Dana Gibbs. And so it begins.

1. The Complainer.
Most likely to begin his or her performance while waiting in line for the bus to arrive, the complainer is quite vocal about how late the bus is. We get it. It's already 9 a.m. and you're late to work. So is every other working class citizen on this bus. The Complainer will insult and threaten to file a complaint about the bus driver, continuing to ramble on and on for the rest of the route about how the MTA should go to hell for never being on time.

2. The Seat Hog.
Remember that moment when you were so excited at the possibility of there being an empty seat on the bus? Well, excitement is over—the Seat Hog has claimed said seat. The blue MTA bus seat is now being occupied by a backpack, shopping bag, or other personal belonging that the Seat Hog can't seem fit in their lap. I hope you paid an extra fare for that additional seat, my friend, because if not, someone will ask for it. Be prepared for ugly stares and teeth sucking.

3. The Selfie Taker.
So you've finally found yourself a seat on the bus. You scan the current scene as the bus crawls through morning rush hour traffic, and then you see it. You start to wish you'd remained standing, out of view. The Selfie Taker, usually a millennial with a smartphone or tablet poised mid-air, has begun taking a rapid succession of photos. And you're in the backdrop of each and every one of them. #DoItFortheGram.

let me take a selfie
#SELFIE by The Chainsmokers/YouTube.

4. The Loud Cell Phone Talker.
I hope you've got your noise canceling headphones prepared for this one. Let's just hope your Loud Cell Phone Talker won't will kill your eardrums with a conference call in to work—where he would have been already if the bus hadn't been so late (cue another rant round from the Complainer).

5. The Dancer.
The Dancer can either be the highlight of your morning or your worst nightmare. The Dancer is most likely blasting their music way too loud via Beats audio while breaking their best (or worse) dance moves. Duck and cover if the Dancer's choreography gets too close to your seat or standing area, and have your Snapchat ready to get a clip for a hilarious story to show at the office at work—if you ever get there.

bus commute passengers
WHEN I TAKE THE BUS/ Enjoy the ride.

Dana Gibbs is a multimedia journalist and blogger in New York. She loves all things pop culture and entertainment.

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