The Decagon: The most epic camping tent you've ever seen

I want it.

This tent is the most insane camping tent I have ever seen. It’s called “The Decagon,” and I want it. Designed by Japanese outdoor equipment company, Logos, the tent is a labyrinth of interchangeable structures. Each piece can be used individually or linked together.


These modular tents have “a special fastening system allows them to be attached to one another in a multitude of arrangements
to create interior environments of any size and composition.” Each ranges in price from $110-$3500 for the whole thing.

The “car joint tarp” allows you to back your car in for extra storage.


There’s the “decagon link” is the center of the tent. Here there are five openings with which to attach different modules. Or you could use it as its own unit altogether. It sleeps three people.


The “link dome” can sleep up to 4 people and can connect other decagons together.


The “link screen” is the largest unit, and it’s a dining area that can accommodate up to 16 people.


Here’s where to purchase.

[Images via Design Boom]

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