This brooding Gothic castle was once home to vampires

Welcome to the House of Dark Shadows.

Okay, okay... they weren't literal vampires, but there's something to be said about the house that it was considered creepy enough to be the main filming location for the 1970's movie adaptations of "Dark Shadows", plus a made-for-TV-movie called "The Night Dracula Saved the World"! Tarrytown, NY's Lyndhurst Mansion has a uniquely spooky vibe that makes it worth a visit.

As far as we know, none of the original owners were vampires (because, you know, they died) but even though they're not blood-sucking, undead monsters, they were still interesting characters. It was designed by A.J. Davis, who was best known for his Gothic Revival designs (to give you an idea of Davis's other creepy works, he created additions to Yale's Skull and Bones tomb); Lyndhurst is a prime example of this style. Owners included ex-NYC mayor William Palding, Jr., inventor George Merritt, and famed railroad tycoon/robber baron Jay Gould.

The interior of the house is about as creepy as you'd expect, given the outside. Narrow hallways, dark wood, small windows, stained glass, and high, vaulted ceilings provide a dark, romatic feel. The park around the mansion is just as fun to explore: rolling lawns, twisting paths that reveal dramatic "surprise" views of the house and the river, linden trees (for which the house was named) and a huge, steel-framed conservatory. 

Of course, the beautiful property and distinctive home have attracted the attention of filmmakers: Lyndhurt has appeared in all kinds of movies and TV shows, most notably, Cradle Will Rock, Winter's Tale, and, of course, House of Dark Shadows and Night of Shadows, the "Dark Shadows" film adaptations from the 1970's. You don't have to be a director or location scout to visit Lyndhurst, though: it's open to the public for tours. You'll find all kinds of displays featuring fashion, art, history, and tons more set up across the house and property! Just maybe watch out for vampires... just in case.

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