This California man turned his entire house into a vintage roadside attraction

Welcome to Reiff’s Gas Station…

It all started innocently enough to Mark Reiff… In 1999 he bought an old gas pump. Lots of people do that, but then it just snowballed from there. Now, Mark Reiff’s entire house in Woodland, CA has become a roadside attraction as “Reiff's Gas Station.”

If you’re a fan of anything from the 1950s and 1960s, chances are you will fall in love with Reiff’s Gas Station, and no visit will ever be the same as Mark keeps adding more and more to his collection. The property now features the “gas station and garage”, a patio & garden area, a general store (where Mark actually lives), a retro diner, an old-fashioned movie theater, and even a “crash area” where a plane and car have both crashed into a building.

The Gas Station

It was here, in the front of Mark’s house, where it all began after he paid $75 for an antique gas pump at a neighborhood rummage sale. He slowly started turning his front yard and driveway into a “gas station” as he bought anything he found funky, retro, and interesting. Thanks to Mark’s scouring of swap meets and classified ads, the “Gas Station” draws road trippers from all over the country and even world.

Patio & Garden

Of course, Mark’s backyard wasn’t immune from his collecting of nostalgia, it too is now filled with old signs and even features a bar and picnic area.

And more…

The rest of the property features an antique diner with stools from a old local diner and an antique movie theater exhibit based on the old Yolo Theater in Woodland which burned down in the late 1950s.

As you can imagine, Reiff’s Gas Station has become a popular place for photo shoots and even meetings & weddings. The highlight of the year, however, has to be the annual “Street Bash” car show held each year on the 2nd Saturday of June.

If you’re in the area in June, you won’t be disappointed, but, then again, you won’t be disappointed if you visit any other day of the year. The place is a testament to one man’s love of the 1950s and 60s, and it’s a real hidden gem of roadside attractions.

Reiff's Gas Station is located just outside Sacramento, CA. Add Reiff’s Gas Station to your trip on Roadtrippers and call 530-666-1758 to schedule a tour on your next trip to the area. (Mark asks for a $7 donation for him to keep adding fun stuff to this bizarre roadside attraction.)

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