The Best Bison Burgers in Louisville, Kentucky

What could be better than chomping into a homemade, hand-pattied burger with all the fixin's? Everybody has their own spin on what makes a great burger, from secret sauce to pretzel buns to grass-fed beef. However, the best burgers in Louisville all have a little something special in common that goes beyond a good topping. If you thought those grass-fed burgers were top of the line, think again. This list features all bison burgers, which are much leaner and tastier than any other beef around. Most of the meat from right here in the state of Kentucky. Not only is the meat tastier, it's also a better choice with low fat cholesterol, high amounts of iron, and a is a richer protein source. But, don't take my word for it. Do your own taste test from the list below.

#1. Bluegrass Brewing Company
​The best bison burgers can be found at this local brewery and hotspot. While they do have several notable menu items, the bison burger can't be beat. Adding a local brew to go with it makes the taste even better. With three locations to choose from, Bluegrass Brewing Company on Fourth Street, Main Street and in Shelbyville Road adds some very unique toppings for an incredible taste. While the spinach and pimento cheese is tasty, the fried green tomato makes this a true Kentucky hometown specialty.

#2. Proof on Main
​If you're wanting to impress and do up the town, Proof on Main can't be beat. They have fancy appetizers and main dishes, ranging from pumpkin soup to Duck Bolognese. Don't be swayed by all that fuss, though. The real deal of the meal can be found a little farther down on the menu with the Proof Bison Burger. This burger has aged cheddar and special Jezebel sauce that makes it a bit messy, but so very good. Even dressed up in fancy duds, the burger can't be beat.

#3. Bluegrass Burgers
​With a name like that, you know it has to be a favorite of burger lovers. The casual Bluegrass Burgers serves up a variety of burgers, but bison is high on the list. Served on a sourdough bun with coleslaw and hand-cut fries, guests can also get a pick of other toppings, from avocado to grilled peppers and local artisan cheeses. Leave the suit at home for this place, but bring a hearty appetite because they are served up big and messy.

#4. Bunz Burgers
​This tiny diner isn't all about the buns, no matter the name. Bunz Burgers is all about serving up fast and delicious burgers. There is nothing better than walking the streets shopping and chomping on the bison burger. This is the only restaurant on the list that serves it up anyway you want it, from the Bleu with bleu cheese to the Hawaiian. If you're already a connoisseur of bison burgers, try this place and rearrange your tastes and toppings. It is sure to please.

#5. Your backyard barbecue
If you want to be top dog at your own barbecue instead of trying another's burger recipe, stop by Kentucky Bison Company retail store and purchase your own cuts at retail prices.The pasture-fed meat is hormone-free and processed on site. They also offer other local foods to round out the menu. Maybe your burger will be the next to top the list of Louisville's Best Bison Burgers!​​

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