Top Five Places for Vegetarian/Vegan Food in Binghamton, NY

Sometimes eating vegetarian or vegan while traveling can be near impossible, especially if you are unfamiliar with local restaurants, and you find yourself scouring menus to find one item, or making numerous substitutions. Luckily, nobody will have this problem in Binghamton, NY, where a variety of choices in location and style exist for those looking to eat vegan or vegetarian cuisine. Make sure to check out any or all of these hip, tasty restaurants for a worry and guilt free dining experience that caters to your lifestyle.

Whole in the Wall

Whole in the Wall restaurant, located just across the river from in Binghamton's South Bridge Section and easily accessible via the scenic Washington St. pedestrian bridge, is a great place to find a wide variety of world-menu inspired items. The restaurant takes inspiration from Mexican, Asian and Middle-Eastern cuisines, which already possess a number of veggie-centric dishes, and puts its own spin on them in American style. Meat dishes are also readily available. On top of all this, Whole in the Wall offers an entire line of homemade pesto sauces, available for purchase in store or online.

Water Street Brewing Company

Known for their delicious craft brews, Water Street Brewing Company also offers a full menu, including bar foods, soups and salads, entrees and sandwiches. The menu offers plenty of vegetarian and vegan options, which embrace dishes like spicy tomato and corn bisque, falafel bites, black bean burgers and veggie and hummus sandwiches. Water Street also riffs on Binghamton's unique local sandwich, the spiedie, with their Tempeh Spiedie. This delightful dish features marinated tempeh in place of the traditional marinated meat, onions, greens and BBQ sauce all in a wrap.

Lost Dog Cafe

The Lost Dog Cafe, which also calls Water St. home, is a cafe and coffeehouse with a distinct Bohemian-style flair often home to live music and other events. In addition to a great atmosphere, the lunch and dinner menus provide plenty of delectable food items entirely without animal products, as well as vegetarian options in many dishes. Choose from a number of salads, sandwiches and entrees, including the Voo Doo Tofu or the Southwest Kin Wah Burger Wrap. The Lost Dog also takes a stab at the spiedie with their Quinoa and Grilled Veg Spiedies.

Galaxy Brewing Company

Another great place for local craft beer, Galaxy Brewing Company on Court St. gives diners a number of vegetarian and vegan choices. Starters like roasted garlic hummus, fried green beans, Brussel sprouts and mac and cheese are a great way to begin a meal. Flatbread pizzas, soups, salads and entrees from their menu can be made with tofu, and their burger section offers diners the option to substitute meat with a veggie burger or a Portobello mushroom.

Thai Time

Thai Time is located on Front St., just over the Court St. bridge, and as the name implies specializes in Thai and Asian cuisine. Their menu lends itself to vegetarian and vegan customers, while also giving plenty of meat options to the rest of the party. The fried rice and curry sections of their menu offer a great variety of entirely vegetarian and some vegan cuisine, with a multitude of flavors to choose from and the ability to choose your desired level of spiciness. Appetizers and entrees also offer suitable options.

Matt Baczewski lives in the Tri-City Area of New York and is passionate about the area's culinary, outdoors and entertainment scene.