Discover Orange County in 5 Photos

Orange County is many things: a safe place to raise a family, a beautiful vista of beaches and lush landscaping, and the home of many celebrities looking to get away from the public eye. But these don't embrace the whole history of the OC and all that it stands for. Discover Orange County in 5 photos below.

Fun at the OC Fair
Every summer, the Orange County Fair comes to town to delight the people of the OC. The ferris wheel is the iconic symbol of the fair and all the fun and delicious food that comes with it.

Orange Groves
Orange County was named as such due to it's vast citrus groves, which supplied oranges and lemons to surrounding areas. In 1948, there were five million Valencia orange trees growing on 67,000 acres in Orange County. Check out the public domain Flickr photos of rural Orange County from the mid-1900's.

Paddleboarding in Dana Point
In Orange County, the weather is beautiful year-round. Paddleboarding, or SUP, is one of the most popular water sports for people of all skill levels. Orange County residents and visitors alike in soaking up the sun and beautiful landscapes of Dana Point and other OC beaches from their board, which is easy to paddle.

Cinderella's Castle at Disneyland
Disneyland is arguably Orange County's biggest tourist attraction and has been since it opened in July 1955. Cinderella's Castle is a special landmark in Orange County because it's a little piece of magic inside the "Happiest Place on Earth". So embrace the magic and take in the sites of this castle, which was modeled after Schloss Neuschwanstein, an actual castle in Bavaria, Germany. Find out more about the evolution of Disneyland at Just Disney.

Newport Beach Pier
The beaches of Orange County are gorgeous and easy to access year-round, but it's the piers that scream Orange County. Pictured is the McFadden Wharf aka the Newport Pier. Balboa Pier on the Balboa Penisula is the other pier in Newport. This Pier is quintessentially Orange County because it marries the natural beauty of the area with the upscale lifestyle.

Whether your Orange County consists of beaches, castles, or amusement parks; the OC will always be home to many lovers of the sand, surf, and sun.

Author Aimee Engebretson is a die-hard beach lover despite her skin's aversion to sunlight. She was born and raised in Orange County, and loves to swim and paddleboard whenever the weather is just warm enough.