The Best Gourmet Pastry Shops in Metro Detroit

Maybe it's the frosting. It could be the fillings. But the one thing that all of Metro Detroit's gourmet pastry shops have in common is their attention to detail, whether it is the light dough that flakes apart as you take a bite or the amazing flavors that they pull out of basic ingredients.

If you need a sweet treat or if you want to bring something to work that will make you instantly popular, check out one of these delicious high-end pastry shops.

1. The Daily Dinette: This new 24-hour hot spot in Ferndale has several specialties that will impress your friends. There's the Samoa donut, which is similar to the famous Girl Scout cookie. There's the peanut butter and jelly donut. And how can you go wrong with a piping-hot glazed? Kramer Restaurant Group (operators of One-Eyed Betty's) are making this newcomer an instant classic.

2. Bread by Crispelli's: Everyone in Royal Oak is buzzing about this fresh face on the block. Longtime restauranteurs, Crispelli's has long been known for its pizza and bread. So adding fluffy croissants, filled pastries and equally delectable delights to this new location is a no-brainer. Their desserts are drawing rave reviews from all parties.

3. Dutch Girl: If you want a Detroit icon, you have to get a dozen donuts from Dutch Girl. The city staple provides at least a dozen reasons to go there, starting with the plain glazed to maple to the Boston Creme. Don't forget to add a few fritters, raisin buns and cinnamon rolls to the mix, and you'll have a breakfast that provides nourishment for body and soul.

4. Krema: This sweet gem within Detroit's Greektown has an international flair thanks to longtime area businessman Tasso Teftsis. Kreme, named after the Greek word for "cream," carries fresh crepes, loukamathes, a traditional crisp, brown, honey-soaked dough ball as well as a New York Cronut, a cross between a croissant and a doughnut. Krema's version, Kremnuts, features fillings including apple, crème or Nutella.

5. Josef's: There's a reason you often see a line outside the door of this Grosse Pointe Woods staple. Owners Anthony and Jimmy Cavallo hail from Montreal and are both Master Pastry Chefs with a true passion for creating the most authentic pastries outside of Europe's famed pâtisseries and dolcerias. You cannot go wrong with any of the pastries here, particularly the almond coffee cake. It's a feast for the eyes and stomach.

Karen Dybis is a longtime Metro Detroit freelance writer. She is an author of two Detroit history books, reporter for a variety of area blogs, newspapers and magazines. Her first job was at a bakery in Romeo, Mich.