The Worst Possible Places to Visit for Spring Break

You don't have to go to Florida for spring break. You don't even need to search "spring break ideas." Why? Because below are the five worst spring break options, and underneath them are alternatives that are either more fun, less expensive, easier to plan, or more beautiful. Let's say you do really want to go to Florida? Well, there's a recommendation for that, too. (Don't say I never did anything nice for you.)

The Classic Florida Spring Break

Daytona Beach, Florida

Sure it has beaches but it's bro country so you won't go more than an hour without hearing a bad pickup line.

Better option? Sarasota, Florida where there are even better beaches, so many good little spots (like this one, and this one) that aren't overrun by bros, and you can even see the ballet or the Barnum and Bailey museum if the ballet's not your thing.

The Skiing Spring Break

Vail or Aspen, Colorado

Vail and Aspen are crazy expensive (like $149 per day for lift tickets expensive!) but there are other incredible options for skiing that are more affordable and still beautiful.

Better option? Bridger Bowl and Red Lodge, Montana (within driving distance of each other) are $54 and $37 a day respectively (or cheaper with a valid student ID). So ski and snowboard your hearts out! Then grab a beer in Bozeman at Montana Ale Works once you get off the mountain.

The Europe Backpacking Spring Break

Ibiza, Spain

There's clubbing in Ibiza to be sure. And the DJs are But it's really expensive, overcrowded, and cliché.

Better option? Iceland

Things going for Iceland include its beauty, the fact that Icelanders know their way around a good cocktail, and there are hot springs! Plus you can rent a car and drive around the whole island in a week!

The Volunteerism Spring Break

Building Houses in Mexico

Volunteering is a great way to spend your spring break, but sometimes volunteering can be ineffective or have negative consequences for the communities.

Better option? WWOOFing which is an awesome experience (getting paid!) to help small farmers and support local agriculture.

Heading Home for Spring Break


Sometimes it's great to head home for spring break, to catch up with friends you haven't seen in awhile, to do laundry, or watch movies with your family while eating mounds of junk food. But let's be honest, after about three days you're going to need a break from the break.

Better option? Roadtrip with friends! It doesn't even have to be to anywhere far away. You could jump in the car and go camping at a park, head to the water, or even find an Airbnb, cook dinners and do yoga outside!

Jodi Regan is a freelance event planner and writer based in Fargo, ND. She has a Masters in Philosophy from the University of Chicago and also teaches college level Philosophy courses. Follow her on Instagram @jodestool.