Seattle in Five Photographs

To capture the essence of any city in five photos is tricky. Seattle's natural beauty makes the task damn near impossible. The following five photos, taken in and around Seattle, exemplify the Seattle spirit by attempting to capture each of the senses. Through the sound of live music, the smells of our public market, the taste of a cold beer, the feeling of hardwood underfoot, and the sight of a Seattle sunset - it's all here.

Halcyon Daze at Pono Ranch
Halcyon Daze at Pono Ranch

Pike Place Market

Cold Beer in Paradise, Mount Rainier

North Creek Park boardwalk

Sailing on Lake Union

Brandon Fralic is a Bellingham-based writer and photographer focusing on the outdoors, travel, and craft beer. He has contributed to a handful of publications including Washington Trails and Outdoor Project. Visit his portfolio for more info.