Top 5 Spiedie Joints in Binghamton, NY

For the uninitiated, the spiedie is the regional dish of Binghamton, NY, and consists of marinated, skewered, cubed meat slid off using a piece of bread, almost like an oven glove, and served. Based on a regional Italian dish brought by immigrants in the early 20th century, the spiedie was likely birthed by Camillo Iacovelli in 1939. Since then, the unassuming sandwich has taken the world by storm. Here are some of the best places to find them in the land of their origin.


Contender to the throne of spiedie creator, Sharkey's Bar and Grill is a local Binghamton dive bar and eatery which started serving their signature spiedies in 1947. While this means Iacovelli most likely invented the dish, Sharkey's helped make the dish famous worldwide. In addition to their spiedies, Sharkey's maintains a vibrant atmosphere and has great regular specials, such as cheap clam specials.


Lupo's has been using a secret family recipe of spiedie marinade since 1951, years before the Lupo's S&S Char Pit opened on State St. With multiple locations in the area, Lupo's has expanded their operation to include free shipping worldwide. The spiedies are frozen, packed and delivered by FedEx. Lupo's marinades and spiedie products are also available all over the east coast, so you can enjoy the sandwich in the comfort of your own home.

Spiedie and Rib Pit

This restaurant offers customers two locations, one in Binghamton and one nearby in Vestal. Spiedie and Rib Pit offers unique variations on the classic sandwich, such as buffalo chicken spiedies and various spiedie based salads. They also have an extensive restaurant and catering menu, in addition to selling bottles of their signatures marinades and packages of spiedie spice mixes.

Stu's Place

Located in Endicott, just west of Binghamton, and next to West Endicott Park, Stu's Place is known for some of the best spiedies outside of Binghamton city limits. Stu's Place boasts a comfortable, neighborhood dive bar atmosphere with a full, inexpensive menu and friendly staff and clientele. The detour is well worth it, with a spiedie sandwich and fries coming in at the cheap price of $5.

Spiedie Fest

If you think you can hold off on spiedies until early August, or if you already know and love them, or even if somehow you don't like spiedies, make sure to head to Binghamton's annual Spiedie Fest and Balloon Rally. One of the city's biggest events, Spiedie Fest brings amateur and professional cooks together for the largest gathering of spiedie connoisseurs around. Additionally, the event is full of local food, beer and wine vendors peddling their wares, as well as games, big name concerts, and a balloon rally not to miss.

Matt Baczewski lives in the Tri-City Area of New York and is passionate about the area's culinary, outdoors and entertainment scene.