Top Five Ways to Leave New York City

New York is a great city, but sometimes you just have to get out. It's noisy, filthy, and smells like a variety of sun-baked sewage. Not to mention, leaving for an extended period to sublet your apartment is a great way to actually afford your apartment. The rent here is criminal, so save up for those travel expenses, because here comes a list of five ways to leave New York City.

5. Chinatown Bus
This guide assumes that you do not own a car and are not currently Donald Trump. In that case, catching a Chinatown bus is the most affordable option. There are a few prominent ones, but you can search the best deals on They leave, not surprisingly, from Chinatown, and are usually just large vans that ferry passengers to and fro.​

4. Megabus
A step up from the Chinatown bus both in terms of quality and price, the Megabus is the brainchild of the Stagecoach Group, owners of Coach USA. Popular with younger travelers, Megabus offers power outlets for every seat and free wifi. It's a comfortable ride, you can eat on board, and there's often a rest stop for food/bathroom/coffee/other. The Megabus can be a great choice for shorter and longer trips alike. Although some have been known to encounter mechanical failure or other issues, this writer has never run into a problem so far during his estimated seventy-billion rides. Megabus leaves from 34th street between 11th and 12th avenues, across from the Javits Center. The stop is conveniently accessible via the recently-opened Hudson Yards subway station.​

3. Rental Car
There are numerous rental car agencies spread out around the city. The best way to rent a car to get out of NYC though, is to go to Jersey to do it. The reason is simple; it's cheaper. If you have the time, swing over to Fort Lee, NJ, and pick up a car at the Enterprise right under the George Washington Bridge. The best part is, it's easily accessible by bus. There is a tristate deal that only includes certain states, though. Traveling to Connecticut from the Jersey Enterprise would ultimately cost more than if you'd rented a car in the city. Make sure to look into the tristate area where your rental agency won't charge extra fees.​

2. Amtrak
If you've never grown out of your obsession with trains, or you just prefer a more comfortable ride, then taking the train is for you. Amtrak leaves from the centrally-located Pennsylvania Station. With a presence in 46 out of the lower 48 states, Amtrak has a national network that can assuredly get you wherever you're going. And riding Coach on a train is infinitely more comfortable than riding anywhere on a bus. Of course, Amtrak offers passengers the option of business, sleeper, and first class service as well.

1. Fly
If you're traveling farther than a neighboring state and aren't in the mood for a lengthy road trip, then flying might be for you. NYC has two major airports, JFK and LaGuardia, with some flights leaving from Newark Liberty International in New Jersey. The three airports combined to serve 129.7 million passengers in 2011. The system is the largest airport hub in the country, and will get you practically anywhere in the world. If you're low on funds, there are numerous websites out there for deals, including priceline, travelzoo, flightfox, and Google flights.

Kevin Lankes is a freelance writer and author of four books who's lived in four out of the five NYC boroughs. He's toured the country, lived on couches, joined secret societies, and survived cancer. Kevin has credits in a variety of outlets and publications, and provides content to corporate clients and individuals alike.