Top 5 Boston Restaurants for Celebrity Sightings

Films like "The Town," "Ted" and "American Hustle" have brought numerous celebrities to Boston. And any time famous visitors make a trip to Beantown, they frequently find time to enjoy some of the city's best restaurants, too.

Which Boston restaurants serve as top choices for celebrities? Here's a closer look at five Beantown restaurants where you might encounter a celebrity:

1. Wahlburgers

A wonderful choice for diners who may be headed to Fenway Park, Wahlburgers serves as a great destination for mouthwatering burgers, delectable fries and, of course, celebrities.

You never know when you might run into one of the Wahlberg brothers at Wahlburgers. And given the restaurant's proximity to Fenway Park, it's certainly possible you may find Boston Red Sox players visiting this destination during the baseball season as well.

2. Tresca

For those who appreciate extraordinary Italian cuisine, Tresca is a must-visit restaurant in Boston's North End. In addition, Tresca is owned by Boston Bruins legend Ray Bourque, which means Bourque and other current and former B's players commonly visit this restaurant.

Tresca boasts a menu that changes periodically, giving guests myriad exemplary dining choices year-round. Furthermore, the restaurant remains a popular North End destination for celebrities, as it offers an elegant, upscale dining atmosphere.

3. Jerry Remy's Sports Bar & Grill

Jerry Remy's Sports Bar & Grill provides American pub fare at affordable prices, making it a stellar restaurant to check out near Fenway Park. And after a Red Sox home game, there always is a chance you may see popular Red Sox announcer Jerry Remy or other celebrities in attendance.

Regardless of when you visit Jerry Remy's Sports Bar & Grill, you'll be able to enjoy a superb experience. This restaurant boasts an exciting, fun-filled atmosphere, enabling Red Sox fans (and celebrity Red Sox fans) to watch their hometown baseball team in comfort and style.

4. Sonsie

Travel + Leisure has described Sonsie as "the place to be seen." Perhaps that explains why celebrities often visit this bistro to sample outstanding international cuisine.

From actor Dan Akyroyd to boxer Mike Tyson, many celebrities flock to Sonsie to enjoy best-in-class cuisine in a relaxing setting. Sonsie even boasts gluten-free brunch, lunch and dinner menus, making it an excellent choice for celebrities and everyday citizens alike.

5. Alibi Bar + Lounge

Who wouldn't want to grab a drink with their favorite celebrity? It might seem unlikely to happen, but with a trip to Alibi Bar + Lounge, you may be able increase your chances of spotting a world-renowned actor or athlete.

Alibi is decorated with celebrity mug shots across its walls, guaranteeing you'll see celebrities during your visit. However, the bar and lounge also remains a hot spot for live celebrities, particularly those who want to grab a drink in a luxurious setting in Beantown.

Dan Kobialka is a freelance writer who grew up and currently resides in the Greater Boston Area. He's frequently on the go, exploring museums, breweries, shopping centers and many other destinations in and around Boston.

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