The Lego Store at Mall of America

Mall of the Americas – have you found the great Lego store here? It's kind of like Lego heaven. Giant models made from the tiny bricks are positioned atop the shop, and you can't miss the bright yellow sides that proclaim this to be the place where construction creativity happens.

The Experience
Be prepared: this is a Lego store. It's hard to walk in and not want to really buy something – like that tremendous model kit from the Lego Architecture series. Yes, those are neat sets, everything from the Sydney Opera House to skyscrapers. Or maybe you'll be tempted to get a Lego Star Wars set, or something from the pastel-shaded family kits. Bottom line: this is Lego at its most appealing, for little kids and for their caregivers. You'll hear adults dickering over which ones to buy, and it's not always for junior's Christmas present.

What to Do
The shop is set up in a large, hollow box way. A guest meeting room is near the center, where you can hold a birthday party or other fun gathering with a Lego theme. Around most of the inside walls of the store are shelves loaded with all sorts of Lego kits. The cashier's spot is located towards the back of the store, where you can find keychain charms, pencils, and other souvenir items.

For the Kids – and then some
There are building tables with Lego bricks and wheels and other gadgets for you to create things like race cars. Note: building anything is free, but the bricks need to stay in the store, so other people can use them. There is a race track, too, where you test your model. Parents usually hang around to watch and cheer on their kids' creations, and to enjoy the opportunity to sit down with their shopping bags and stay put for a few minutes. Older siblings and parents also help little ones find the last pair of wheels or the right-sized axel for the race cars that are coming to life over the brick-strewn floors. This is Minnesota, and the place is tidied up very frequently. But you will want to watch your step – there's nothing like finding a Lego brick with your feet.

If you're not in the mood to buy...
Just look. You can preserve your mature dignity and satisfy your inner child by stopping on the second or third floor balcony of the Mall and getting a birds-eye view of the giant Lego statues. It's amazing to think about how all those tiny bricks are collected to make something so huge as a robot, or a model dinosaur or a statue of Ferdinand Magellan and his globe. It's like a Lego builder's dream come to life, in outstanding detail.

One of the many models made from Lego bricks, on top of the shop at the Mall of America
Photo by Louisa Danielson

Louisa Danielson is a freelance writer who specializes in music, tourism and community event information.