Five Ways to Live Like Donald Trump for a Day in Pittsburgh

You turn on the television. He's there. You surf the internet. He's there. You turn around in the grocery store and there he is staring up at you from a multitude of magazines. Donald Trump is everywhere. Go ahead, give in. If you can't escape him at every turn, be just like him, even if only for a day. Get started by trying one (or, if you want to really be like the Donald, all) of the following five ways to be like Donald Trump in Pittsburgh:

Book the Presidential Suite at a swanky hotel.

Pittsburgh certainly isn't lacking for elegant hotels that promise to bathe you in luxury. Take the Omni William Penn Hotel, which overlooks a spectacular water fountain in downtown Pittsburgh, and promises such benefits as afternoon tea, a fitness center and fine dining. It's just the kind of hotel a Donald Trump would frequent. But, really, if you're going to spend a night or the weekend in a swanky hotel, do it like Donald: Book the Presidential Suite. (And, if there's no Presidential Suite, insist on the absolute priciest room in the hotel.) Order the finest champagne. Dine on the most expensive entrees. Be the Donald.

Charter a helicopter.

Donald Trump doesn't just make an entrance: He makes a grand entrance (emphasis on the word grand), arriving at his latest campaign rally in a helicopter baring his name. Embark on a grand tour of Pittsburgh aboard a helicopter and, maybe, if you've got the cash to shell out, you can convince the pilot to drop low enough for you to wave to your fellow yinzers. Spiker Helicopters and Pittsburgh Helicopter Charters offer tours and/or charter flights in and around Pittsburgh.

Tour Pittsburgh in a hot air balloon.

Get a bird's eye view of the Burgh from a hot air balloon. But, make it a private ride so you can enjoy the luxury of silence and a second-to-none view all by yourself for, of course, Donald Trump is in a league of his own. Or, if you'd like to do a little grandstanding, go ahead, rent a full fleet of hot air balloons and invite everyone you know to join you. Companies, including Pittsburgh Balloon Rides, will whisk you off the shore and up into the air – providing you with a sensational view of the Steel City.

Dine atop Mount Washington.

Choosing a fine restaurant comes down to more than just good food, especially if you want to be Donald Trump. There's one spot in Pittsburgh that can make a multimillionaire, even on his grouchiest day, break into a smile. With its sweeping views of the sleek Pittsburgh skyline, particularly impressive with the lights aglow at night, Mount Washington is home to numerous fine dining establishments, including Altius Elevated Cuisine.

Throw a bash at Rivers Casino.

Donald Trump knows a little something about casinos. If you're going to be like the front running Presidential candidate, you, too, must know your way around a casino. And, what better way to show off and to brag about your deep pockets than to rent Rivers Casino for a day and throw an over-the-top bash for everyone you know?

Beth Price-Williams is a Pittsburgh born and raised freelance writer, animal advocate and mom who has written for clients around the world and who has traveled extensively in North America and abroad. She has masters degrees in Professional Writing and Holocaust and Genocide Studies.