Celebrate Record Store Day in Los Angeles

Once upon a time in Los Angeles, "the cloud" was just something that blocked the sun every once in a while. When you wanted to buy an album, you went to a record store, which used to be as ubiquitous as Starbucks is nowadays. Fortunately vinyl is popular again, and some of those venerable stores are still in business. These five, listed in order from oldest to newest, have all been around for at least 25 years and are perfect places to celebrate Record Store Day. Even better, they're all having special sales to commemorate the occasion.

1. Sound of Music
Talk about an oldie but goodie: Since 1964, this store has been in business at the same East L.A. address. It's known as the "Oldies Connection" among record collectors, thanks to its vast selection of doo-wop, soul, R&B and rock available on LPs and 45s. There's also a good selection of newer genres, especially gangsta rap.

2. Poo-Bah Record Shop
This small Pasadena store has been selling vinyl here and at its previous location since 1971, specializing in experimental music. The staff will leave you alone as you flip through sticker-covered crate after crate to find the perfect gems.

3. Record Surplus
Calling itself "The Last Record Store," Record Surplus has been in business in Santa Monica since 1985. Prepare to spend a couple of hours browsing through the huge selection of LPs and 45s. Three listening stations with turntables are available so you can hear what you want to buy.

4. Soundsations
Located just blocks from LAX in Westchester, this hidden gem has been selling thousands of new and used LPs, mostly in the rock genre, for over 25 years. The owners are knowledgeable and happy to help you find what you didn't even know you were looking for.

5. Amoeba Music
This block-long, two-story store in Hollywood that's been around for a couple of decades has the largest collection of new and used vinyl in Los Angeles. Along with a sale on Record Store Day, Amoeba is having a contest and giving away a deluxe turntable with "a ton of great vinyl."

Laura Goldman is a freelance writer and lifelong Angeleno. Check out her i Still Love Dogs blog and follow her on Twitter.

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