5 Instagram Feeds With Epic American Road Trips

More than one out of four Americans road trip the United States every year. With a diverse range of terrains to choose from, travelers are feeling the sun, tasting the sea, crushing the slopes, and exploring the flavors of the U.S.A. If the open road is calling and you have an itch to see the rest of America the beautiful, get inspired by these five Instagram accounts that are living it up.

Adventure in a Backpack

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If your road trip fantasies include an RV, traveling couple Nate and Stephanie are the adventurers you want to follow. Their Instagram account documents their slow journey to Alaska exploring some of North America's most beautiful parks and mountains. Snowbirds beware: they might inspire you to leave for more than just a season.

Real Food Whole Health

Some explorers road trip for the thrill of it; some for the monuments and landmarks; and some for the beer. Amy at Real Food Whole Health travels for local cuisine. Her #realfoodroadtrip specifically tours the United States in search for delicious, natural, and organic eats. With more than one-third of adults in the U.S.A. being obese, this challenging journey is an informative one to follow.

Weston the Frenchie

You might know this French bulldog from his adorable photos, dapper bow tie, and viral booty hop dance. Weston the Frenchie (and his new sister Fira) discovers the best pet-friendly hotels and dining options on the west coast, especially Los Angeles. In addition to reviewing pet travel destinations, Weston and his super artistic "hooman" also have adorable cross-country adventures of their own.

Fresh Off the Grid

If you love cooking and the outdoors, this California couple has a road trip, travel, and camp cooking feed that will have you drooling at their camping feasts and adventures. Follow their hatchback and cargo box around the country and get encouraged to build your own American travel bucket list.

‚ÄčOlivia Christine

Once she returned to the United States after visiting South America, Europe, and Southeast Asia, this inspiring travel blogger didn't miss a beat when it came to finding new places to explore. Check out Olivia Christine and her boyfriend's epic five-month road trip across the United States highlighting vibrant cities, challenging hikes, open roads, and a plethora of national parks.‚Äč

Where will your road trip take you?
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