Five Comic Shops in the Twin Cities

Has there ever been a time when comics weren't popular? Probably not. But they're hotter than ever now, with several big-buck movie franchises tied to them, and a growing number of titles geared towards females and people of color. Here are some great places to do your comics shopping in the Twin Cities.

Dreamers Vault Games
Initially a store for gamers, Dreamers Vault has entered the comics realm just as it moved into its new location on Hiawatha Avenue in Minneapolis. It's already showing signs of carrying a diverse array of comics, and bonus--you can shop for comics and get the latest scoop on what's happening in board and card games.

Uncle Sven's Comic Shoppe
While Dreamers Vault is a new entry into the comic world, Uncle Sven's has been a fixture in St. Paul for decades. The store has a massive amount of comics, but it's also diversified into games, toys, models, and collectibles. The website keeps an updated page detailing which new comics will be released every week.

Hot Comics and Collectibles
Suburbanites can visit one of Hot Comics' three locations around the metro: Jordan, New Hope, and Richfield. This comic-book-fan-friendly small chain offers both a free subscriber pull-list, ensuring you'll never miss a new issue of a favorite series, as well as a discount card that entitles the holder to get 10% off every regular purchase (for an annual fee of $15).

Comic Book College
Right on the edge of Minneapolis' Uptown, Comic Book College has been around more than 40 years. The store not only receives new comics every week, but carries thousands of back issues. Other collectibles and toys are also available.

Mead Hall Games
Mead Hall is just on the edge of downtown Minneapolis and carries a robust line of comics, and can also do special orders and search out hard-to-find older issues. They also offer a pull-list that guarantees you'll always be able to get the new issues you want. Tabletop games are a big item here too, and the store has a busy event calendar for gamers.

Amy C. Rea is the author of Minnesota, Land of 10,000 Lakes: an Exporer's Guide and Backroads & Byways of Minnesota. Her third book, Camping Minnesota, will be published in June 2016.