Five Microbrewery Stops on Seattle's Light Rail

Seattle's Link Light Rail has come a long way in recent months, with two new stations opening well under-budget (and surprisingly on time). This transformative expansion is serving Seattleites quite well. Commuters can now ride the rails from Seatac Airport all the way to the University of Washington, with over a dozen stops in between. For those planning a pub crawl, this is especially welcome news. Forget about parking; among the light rail stops are microbreweries and bars galore. Here's a guide to five brewery stops on Seattle's light rail.

Big Time
Begin your brew tour at the newest and northernmost Seattle light rail station: University of Washington. Nearby Big Time Brewing is "Seattle's original brewpub", in business since 1988. They've always got at least 10 beers on tap so there's a little something for everyone. Try any of their standard brews: Atlas Amber Ale, Coal Creek Porter or Bhagwan's Best IPA.

Outer Planet
Capitol Hill's Outer Planet Brewing is a little bit "out there". It's on Capitol Hill, after all. This tiny nanobrewery sits neatly beneath a microhousing complex. How much more adorbs can it get? Try the mysteriously-named Bohemian Ale or Biere Du Garde, and let me know what the hell they are. Please and thank you.

Old Stove
Pike Place Market has a new brewery. For years this area has been dominated by the iconic Pike Brewing, but the time has come for something different and Old Stove Brewing is the answer. Featuring its namesake old stove (circa 1905) in the taproom, this brewery is starting off on the right foot when it comes to authenticity. Check out their slick website for beer descriptions and info.

Stop off in SoDo to try Ghostfish, Seattle's innovative gluten-free brewery. All of their beers (and food) are 100% gluten-free, taking the guesswork out of ordering for gluten-intolerant patrons. And they have quite the selection. Choose from the epically-named Shrouded Summit Witbier, Watchstander Stout, Peak Buster Double IPA, and more.

Beacon Hill's only brewery, Perihelion "serves up exquisite beers and savory morsels". If that's not enough to get you off the light rail, take a look at their tap list. Honey-Ginger Stout. Maple Wheat IPA. Roasted Pepper IPA. And their name? The perihelion is "the point in the orbit of a planet, asteroid, or comet at which it is closest to the sun". They even guarantee you'll leave with a "glow". Good thing you're not driving.

Brandon Fralic is a Bellingham-based freelance writer. With a focus on the outdoors, travel, and craft beer, he has contributed to a handful of publications including Washington Trails, WhatcomTalk, and Outdoor Project.