Top 5 Places to Eat a Garbage Plate in Rochester

The garbage plate brought new meaning to food in Rochester, NY. The garbage plate features a bottom layer of macaroni salad, beans, home fries and french fries. In a disorganized fashion the following are added to the top of this combination: cheeseburger, Italian sausage, chicken, steak, a red hot or a white hot, hamburger, eggs, fried fish or a grilled cheese sandwich. The name does not sound too appealing, but remember names can be deceiving. Additional ingredients, such as hot sauce, onions or mustard may be added to the mix. The garbage plate is often served with bread and butter to "mop" up the remainders on the plate.

1. Dogtown

Dogtown serves several different types of hot dogs with many unique types of toppings. This is all placed inside fresh bread that is delivered each day. The garbage plate has become a top seller at this restaurant.

2. Nick Tahou Hots

Nick Tahou Hots opened in 1918 and was handed down to family members throughout the years. Nick Tahou Hots is the originator of the famous garbage plate, which carries a trademark. Whenever you hear the words "garbage plate" in Rochester you immediately think of Nick Tahou. Nick and his garbage plate creation has been viewed on the Food Network, the Travel Channel, magazines and more.

3. Mark's Texas Hots

Open 24 hours a day, Mark's Texas Hots serves burgers, fries, breakfast foods and more, as well as the ever popular garbage plate. This well-loved establishment is a favorite, not just because of their garbage plate (which comes in half portions) but because of their hours as well.

4. Steve T. Hots & Potatoes

Keeping the garbage plate in the family, Steve T. Hots & Potatoes is owned by relatives of Nick Tahou. They serve the same great ingredients on their garbage plate as Nick Tahou Hots, as well as other great eats. They are well-known in the Rochester area. They are also open 24 hours a day.

5. Henrietta Hots

Hamburgers, hot dogs and other delicious food can be found at Henrietta Hots. They are not open 24 hours a day, but they are open until 3 a.m., which is pretty late. Did I forget to mention that they offer a delicious garbage plate in keeping with Rochester tradition?

Sarah Jonae-Ryan has lived in Rochester for more than 30 years. She has several blogs written on a variety of topics.