Five Ways to Act Like a Pirate in Tampa Year Round

The Gasparilla Pirate Fest is one of Tampa's most known annual events. Whether it is the day or night parade, some of the city's most professional, most political and biggest fun-seekers come together to talk, dress, drink and party like a pirate.

You have your good pirates, bad ones, provocatively dressed ones and lazy ones who only bother to put on an eye patch. Nonetheless, it takes some time trying to determine what one will wear for the yearly festivities. But what happens to the pirate costume you work so hard to find those days leading up to the festival?

Gasparilla Pirate Fest
Gasparilla Pirate Fest. Flickr/Kathy kthypryn

Why keep making the financial investment of getting one maybe two wears out of your pirate costume? Here are five ways you can still act like a pirate throughout the year.

Join a Krewe.
Being a part of a Krewe allows you to participate in parades and charity events throughout the year. No better way to give that pirate costume a run for its money but to walk the streets and say, "Argh!" year round. There is no way anyone will look at you as though you are out of place if you're with a krewe dressed like you.

Visit Gaspar's Grotto.
Apparently, the pirate theme is not just for decor. Patrons can appear in pirate costumes on a whim and enjoy the bounty available for purchase. There will probably be very few people in costume when you attend, but at least they will understand you attire.

Attend the Bay Area Renaissance Festival.
Sure there must have been pirates in medieval times. Even if the accounts of them are few, you can find the Bay Area Renaissance Festival embracing you in your pirate costume telling people to "walk the plank."

Dress up for Tampa Bay Comic Con.
Apparently there are pirate comic book characters. Since Comic Con embraces costumes. You are more than likely to come close to looking like a comic book character. If not, who will really fault you for wearing a costume no one recognizes?

Eat a donut or a dozen at Krispy Kreme.
Krispy Kreme believes everyone has a little pirate in them. They give away a glazed donut for talking like a pirate. But, if you dress up like a pirate, you get one free dozen glazed donuts. Yes! Winning!

So forget it. You do not have to wait until January of 2017. Keep that pirate costume and slang out year round. It may be kind of weird to those not in Tampa, but here, we will understand. Do you know of any other places one can act like a pirate in Tampa year round? If so, please comment below. Your response may be used for a future article.

Ebony T. Grimsley-Vaz is the Creative Director and Owner of Above Promotions Company. She is also the author of "Because You're Small: Effective Marketing Strategies for Immediate Implementation" which is sold on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other stores and a contributor to various media outlets.