Top 5 Things That You Will Only Hear About in Rochester

Rochester is well-known for its wine, lilacs and garbage plates. There is so much more about Rochester though that you will only know if you are a true Rochesterian or happen to know one of them. Some people find us to be an odd bunch, walking around in our shorts when it is only 35 degrees outside. Hey, what can I say? We relish in the warm weather and take advantage of it whenever we can.

Here are the top five things that you will only hear in Rochester:

Ra-Cha-Cha: Yes, that is what we call our city. Rochester is even listed in the Urban Dictionary as Ra-Cha-Cha. They even talk about our garbage plates. Huh, you learn something new every day.

Vinnie and Angelo: Vinnie and Angelo were a legend from the '90s. They made many Irondequoit Dodge commercials along with a local actress who portrayed their Italian mama. Come to find out, they were not even brothers, but they did a great job acting as such.

Can of Worms: No, we don't mean a can of worms literally. The Can of Worms was where interstate 490 and 590 were designed in a criss-cross fashion. As a result of this there were traffic jams and car accidents galore as people tried to make their way over to the side that they needed to be on. Finally, in 1991, after a three-year project costing mega dollars the Can of Worms has been untangled.

White Hot: What is a white hot dog? A combination of pork, beef and veal make up this Rochester favorite. The most popular brand of the white hot is Zweigles, of course. Zweigles was also founded in Rochester, NY.

Boss Sauce: What? You don't have any Boss Sauce? Boss Sauce is a Rochester staple. It is a spicy sauce that is mainly used on chicken, but I have seen it used on just about everything. It is served in many area restaurants and sold by the gallons in the store. Literally. There are shelves of gallon jugs and they are popular.

If there is anything more that you are interested in learning about Rochester, just ask a Rochesterian ... and guess what? People say that we have an accent. Huh, who knew?

Sarah Jonae-Ryan has lived in Rochester for more than 30 years. She has several blogs written on a variety of topics.