6 Odd Attractions to See in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is known for its many unique attractions. Where else can you visit faux versions of Paris, New York, and Venice, Italy? However, many visitors never make it off the Las Vegas strip. Check out these off-Strip, oddball attractions in Las Vegas.

The Zombie Apocalypse Store
Preparing for the end? At the Zombie Apocalypse Store, you can buy everything you need to survive the end of the world; from freeze-dried scrambled eggs and water-filters to wind-up flashlights and stun guns disguised as cell phones. You also can buy a variety of swords, throwing knives, ninja stars and tomahawks...just in case you should find yourself under attack by a swarm of flesh-eating zombies.

The store even sells stuffed zombie dolls for people to use as target practice. The human-sized dolls come in different styles and if you stab or shoot the doll, it squirts fake blood. It doesn't get any more authentic than that! Check out their website for more info or to shop online.

Neon Sign Graveyard
Have you ever wondered where neon signs go when they burn out? The Neon Museum in Las Vegas showcases hundreds of signs. Check out the galleries of signs on their website. This museum is near downtown Las Vegas and Fremont Street, so it's not too far off if you're looking to stay near the strip. Take a tour to find out where the signs came from, get married in front of the signs for that vintage feel, or book a photo shoot for the best graduation pictures ever.

Freakling Bros Horror Shows
If you came to Las Vegas looking for a thrill, look no farther than the Trilogy of Terror. These three shows are haunted houses that you have to sign a liability waiver to enter. These houses show you the dark side of Las Vegas, and will do everything possible to scare you. Rated the 4th most haunted attraction in the world, you will have to see for yourself whether the rumors are true. Check out their website here.

Erotic Heritage Museum
Those who aren't afraid to embrace their sexy side should spend an hour or two at the Erotic Heritage Museum. Current exhibitions include Pussy Velveeta, Restraint & Revolution, and Sticky: A (Self) Love Story. Check out their events like Feminist Movie Night and the Naked Bike Rides.

Madame Tussauds' Wax Museum
Located in the Grand Canal Shoppes in the Venetian hotel on the Strip, Madame Tussauds' is world-famous for their wax figures. Check out figures like President Obama, Elvis, and Britney Spears or spend your visit learning about how the wax figures are made. Don't miss this valuable photo op to trick all your friends into thinking you met a celebrity!

Discovery Children's Museum
For those looking for the lighter side of Las Vegas, check out the Discovery Childrens' Museum. Check out the pirate ship, castle, Water World, and Liquid Nitrogen show. It will cost you about $15 per person (over 1 year old) but is worth the side trip. Current exhibits include Eco City, Fantasy Festival, Toddler Town, Patents Pending, Ancient City, and more. Check out the website for up-to-date information.

While there are dozens of interesting attractions in the Las Vegas area, be sure to check out those on this list. You will not regret straying from the regular touristy spots!

Author Aimee Engebretson has spent many weekends in Vegas, visiting strange attractions such as the Freakling Bros Horror Shows. She is a Southern California native and has driven the road from SoCal to Vegas many times.

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