5 Thoughts New Yorkers Have During Their Morning Commute

Waking up in New York City isn't as glamorous as it may seem. Immediately dreading the morning rush, New Yorkers wake up still tired from the night before. Most of us only get 5 hours of sleep (6 if you didn't stay up late binge watching that new series on Hulu or Netflix).

You really can't expect sleep deprived New Yorkers to have a pleasant commute to work every morning. Ever wonder what goes on in our heads while braving the morning rush? Here are five thoughts New Yorkers have during their morning commute.

grand central station morning rushKristina Aquino/Uniformly Dressed. Grand Central Station is literally the worst place to be during the morning rush.

1. "Crap, I missed the bus/train."
If you're taking the bus, you probably use Bus Time to check how far your bus is from your stop. You can plan accordingly to get there early enough to catch it, but if you wait too long you might underestimate how much time it'll take you to walk to the bus stop. The train, however, is a completely different beast. Sure, you can look at the schedule on mta.info, but that's hardly ever accurate. Perhaps the worst is hearing and seeing the elevated train pull into the station while you're still halfway up the block from the never ending staircase. Time to swallow your pride and just wait a half hour for the next packed bus or train to arrive.

2. "Do you have to lean all over the pole like that?"
After you've finally managed to get on a bus or train, there's bound to be that one person hogging the pole you're standing closest too. And they're not just holding onto the pole like a normal passenger. No. This person drapes their entire body over the pole, forbidding anyone else from holding it. Cool. I'll just be falling onto this group of people over here, yielding dirty looks from them every time the driver hits the brakes.

morning commute mta subway
TwentySomething NYC. Let's just hope they're willing to catch you if you fall.

3. "Can you let me off the damned bus/train first?!"
Naturally, you'll want to exit the bus or train before any new passengers insert themselves in front of the doorway, blocking your path. Unfortunately, not all New Yorkers share that logic. If you're lucky, you might even get off the bus or train before the doors close and you're whisked away to the next stop!

4. "Maybe I can get away with crossing the street after that next car..."
So now you're out of the bus or subway station and making your way down the streets of New York City towards the office. The pedestrian crossing signs are taking an eternity to switch to the white light signaling that it's safe to cross over the street. So you take a chance, throwing yourself into traffic before it's your turn. You get halfway across the street before a car going 60 mph comes out of nowhere, sending you right back to the curb. How about no?

5. "I'm going to die if I don't get my coffee."
With only five minutes to spare before you're due at your desk, you duck into Starbucks for a latte and a muffin. Maybe that'll hold you until lunch—if you ever make it to the barista! The line is zig-zagging around the coffee shop, and there's no sign of it moving anytime soon. I guess it's time to hang your head and pray your caffeine withdrawals don't make you snap during this morning's team meeting.

coffee IV
The Odyssey. When it's 9 a.m. and you still haven't had your coffee...

Dana Gibbs is a multimedia journalist and blogger in New York. She loves all things pop culture and entertainment.

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