Five Places To Get Your Vintage On In Grand Rapids

If you love that vintage look, whether it's wearables or items for your home decor, there are many great places to shop in the greater Grand Rapids area. However, no matter how many vintage and antique stores or opportunities you find in the area, there are some that stand out more than the others. Maybe it's their location, or maybe it's the beautiful and friendly faces you find behind the counters. Either way, when you find yourself looking for some vintage thrifts, here are your top five choices of where to get what you're looking for, and more.

GR Vintage Thrift

The awesomely eclectic shop is located at 450 Leonard, and was formerly known as Flashback on Leonard. Stop in and see Peri, who has been a regular smiling face in the vintage community for many years. Her vintage thrift stores are always a pleasure to peruse and shop at. GR Vintage Thrift is also well worth following on Facebook where you can see models donning the fashionable threads sold at this vintage wonderland.

Captain Bizzaro's Treasure World

Captain Bizzaro's is a vintage nerds paradise. From vintage clothing to comic books and vinyl, you'll find yourself in vintage heaven when you walk in their doors on Leonard NW. It is a great place to cover your whole vintage look, from the shoes on your feet to the hat on your head. Read, listen, and look vintage.

Flashlight Alley

Another wonderful locally owned and operated, like most of the antique and vintage stores in this area, is Flashlight Alley, located right in the heart of Eastown. If you are looking for a unique treasure, you just might find it here. From vintage work shirts to vintage concert shirts, your threads are waiting for you!

Vintage Flea Market

If vintage is your thing, this June you need to check out the Vintage Flea Market, hosted by Everlasting Blooms. Everlasting Blooms is a garden center that also sells gifts and vintage items, located on Spaulding SE. Their flea market is a free event to the public where you will find vendors of all kinds throughout the shop, garden center, and even taking over the parking lot.

Eastown Antiques

Are you looking for a more vintage way to store your vintage wardrobe? For the best antiques in town, visit Eastown Antiques. You never know what you'll find. From aprons and dishes to create your own vintage kitchen, to vintage wardrobes and armoires to store all of your fashionable items.

Yvonne Stegall is a Michigan-based freelance writer, currently located in Grand Rapids. She loves music, nightlife, healthy food, and the hustle of city life. Learn more about Yvonne at her website and follow her on Facebook.