Top Five Little Known Quirky Neighborhoods in Miami

What makes a great neighborhood?

A great neighborhood is a place that plays to its own beat but still retains the fabric that connects it to the city. This analogy can be applied to the many great neighborhoods of Miami, in which each "hood" has its own fascinating and quirky tale to tell, but some are more famous than others. So we thought, why not give the least-known neighborhoods in the Magic City some shine? Here are the five lesser-known 'hoods where it would be worth your wild to stop tanning on South Beach and get out and visit.

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The Roads
Just to the east of Brickell is a neighborhood aptly called "The Roads." Back in its heyday, The Roads was called "Brickell Hammock," which was named after Mary Brickell who wanted to design the neighborhood to be pedestrian friendly.

Mission accomplished.

The neighborhood today is known for its old-school homes, public schools and tree covered streets. It's like its own secluded area but with only a 10-minute access to downtown. The Roads is a pretty expensive place to live, but one that will make for a nice visit to see a side of Miami you probably didn't know existed.

Venetian Islands
If you ever wanted to live on an island but stay close to civilization, Miami will have you covered.

The place to go is the Venetian Islands, which is a chain of artificial islands that sits in Biscayne Bay between Miami and Miami Beach. There are six total islands: Biscayne, San Marco, San Marino, Di Lido, Rivi Alto, and Belle Isle and if you want to see something spectacularly weird and 100 percent Miami, you need to make a beeline for the Venetian Islands.

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Buena Vista
After you're done window shopping Miami's chic Design District, take a drive into reality in Buena Vista.

Built in the 1920s, Buena Vista is a residential neighborhood with people from all stripes of life. It will be worth it to tour the homes here, which are just as old as Miami itself, and the see for yourself the historical charm that makes Buena Vista such a wonderful place.

Jewelry District
From real to fake and everything in between, the Jewelry District will cover all of your needs.
The sheer number of jewelry stores that cover this area is of Downtown Miami is simply amazing. Bounded by North Miami Street, NE 2nd Avenue, East Flagler Street, and NE 2nd Street, the Miami Jewelry district is one of just three districts of its kind in the entire country!

How's that for quirkiness?

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Before the Design District rose to power in Midtown Miami, there was Wynwood.

Situated just north of downtown and south of the Design District, Wynwood was, and in some circles still is, the creative heart of Miami. Wynwood is home to the Wynwood Arts and Fashion District, the place where Miami's taste in clothes and arts really come alive. Because of the booming popularity of the surrounding neighborhoods, Wynwood has become forgotten somewhat, but this sterling neighborhood shall never be forgotten in our hearts.

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