Quirky Cleveland: Top Five Insider Things To Do

Tired of the same old, same old? Here are five off the grid experiences in Cleveland, Ohio.

Cleveland Cycle Tours 2135 Columbus Road, Cleveland, OH
Why ride a "bicycle built for two," when you can ride one built for 15 people? Feel the wind in your hair as random city dwellers honk and wave to you while pedaling through landmark destinations and crawling pubs in Cleveland's historic Ohio City and artistically blooming Tremont neighborhoods. Cleveland Cycle Tours offers Cleveland's only 15 person bike tour. The bike is equipped with a center counter top so riders can bring small snacks, beer, wine and other beverages to enjoy while riding. Refreshments also available at stops along the way.

Individual and group tour details on Cleveland Cycle Tours' website. Call ahead for tour hours and reservations. Note: book ahead; weekend tours are in high demand during summer months. Near downtown's Flats East Bank entertainment district.

Escape in 60 1266 West 6th Street, Suite 301, Cleveland, OH

Imagine you are locked away on death row. The clock ticks your final hour of life. You have one last chance to live, but it depends on your "loved ones" solving a series of clues to stop your execution. Are you clever enough to escape in less than 60 minutes or will you bare the electric chair? Escape in 60 offers four escape options in the Death Row, Bank Heist, Attic and Behind Bars rooms. The dynamic of several people locked in a room, debating riddles and clues, makes for a fun and sometimes flustering experience. Most rooms require a minimum of two people to solve the mystery.

Check Escape in 60 website for escape room details and hours. Escape in 60 is located in the heart of the Warehouse District featuring many of Cleveland's best restaurants and night clubs.

Walkabout Tremont 756 Starkweather Avenue, Cleveland, OH

Located on the near westside, Tremont is home to some of Cleveland's most eclectic art galleries, funky boutiques, restaurants and night clubs. Hosted on the second Friday of each month, Walkabout Tremont provides a fun and festive way to experience all that Tremont has to offer. Walk about the neighborhood to see art on display in numerous art galleries and pop-up exhibits. Along the way, tour historic churches, enjoy street performances as well as special offers from shops, bars and restaurants. Past performers include fire breathers, musicians and belly dancers.

Check Walkabout Tremont website for details. Recommend printing Walkabout map available on website. Start Walkabout in Lucky Park. Professor Avenue serves as the core for Walkabout Tremont. Close proximity to downtown Cleveland.

Griffin Cider Works 12401 Madison Avenue, Lakewood, OH

A taste of England transplanted to Cleveland, Griffin Cider Works brews a variety of all natural hard ciders made from Ohio grown apples. The fresh light to full-bodied flavor of Griffin's hard ciders distinguishes these local brews from watered down national brands. Designed and brewed by native Englishman and Cider Master, Richard Read, Griffin's hard ciders range from five to 11.5 % alcohol by volume. Cherry, honey, lemon, elderberry are just a few flavors blended in to the many varieties of Griffin's hard cider available on-tap in the bar. The Burley Man is my personal favorite. The bar offers excellent service in a warm and friendly atmosphere to partake in these unique hard ciders.

See Griffin Cider Works website for hours and additional information. Close proximity to downtown Cleveland.
Castle Noel 260 South Court Street, Medina, OH
Embark on a road trip south of Cleveland to see Cousin Eddie's recreational vehicle from the movie National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. Billed the world's largest collection of Christmas movie props, Castle Noel is open year round. Fun-goers can squeeze through a chimney like Santa, reenact Ralphie's famous scene in "A Christmas Story" riding down a slide and walk down memory lane in the "I Had That" toy room housing hundreds of toys from the 1950s through 80s. Costumes and movies props on display from Elf, A Christmas Story, The Grinch, Christmas Carol, Santa Claus 1, 2 and 3 as well as many other holiday movie classics. Museum also houses a large collection of New York City's famous department store window displays from Saks, Macy's and more.

Check Castle Noel website for tour hours and details. The museum is located on Medina's historic town square; reminiscent of New England style architecture, the square is home to many quaint shops and restaurants.

Born to survive losing sports teams, S L Jennings is a native Clevelander deep into all things Cleveland. I've walked Cleveland's back alleyways, junk-dived its many antique malls and climbed 804 steps to the top of Terminal Tower.