Alabama Slang and Common Sayings

If you're Alabama-bound you may want to brush up on your southern slang. Alabamians are frequently using these common southern sayings that may be difficult for out-of-towners to understand, especially if they are already trying to decipher the southern accent.

Bless your heart: This common southern phrase is used to bless just about everyone. It basically means "Aw, I'm so sorry about that," or "You poor thing".

Reckon': As in, "Ya reckon' we oughta go get some supper tonight?". It means "do you think ..."

FIxin' to: A phrase meaning "I am going to" or "I am about to".

Yonder: A broad measure of distance. "Yonder" can mean 100 feet to a few miles away, as long as it's out of sight.

Pickup: A truck with a bed.

Buggy: Another name for shopping cart.

Mam and Sir: Not considered slang, but it's important to mention that when in the south, everyone who is older than you is a "mam" or a "sir". It's just polite to say this and people expect it.

Wally World: Wal-mart. The south is full of these stores.

Tar-shay: Target

Yard younguns: A term for kids that are acting up or getting dirty.

Too big for your britches: Thinking too highly of yourself.

Lick: To hit, spank, or punch.

Sugar: Kisses or affection.

Yankee: Anybody from north of Tennessee.

Snug as a bug in a rug: To be really comfortable, usually wrapped in blankets.

Christy Dyer has lived in Alabama for over 25 years.