Parachute by MapQuest: Custom Content Solutions

Are you looking to reach new clients or customers in an authentic, meaningful way? Consider custom content solutions with Parachute by MapQuest.

Why custom content?
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Custom and sponsored content offers authentic experiences for readers and combats "banner blindness." Readers engage with the content on a deeper level than display ads, and brands can align themselves with high-quality editorial content in a meaningful way.

Why Parachute?

Parachute by MapQuest offers a variety of custom content solutions, from one-off unique, in-depth articles to hyper-local packages that span the country and could include hundreds of pieces of content.

In addition to flexible content solutions, Parachute offers the backing of one of the best-known brands in the world: MapQuest. Through a unique network of distribution, our editors will work with a contributor network of 1,000+ to provide the best possible experience and enable you to reach your target market in a truly valuable way.

Parachute's editorial projects have won multiple awards, including a Webby in 2016 for the #AvoidTrump campaign.

I want more!
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