Five Great Places to Eat Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt in Rochester

Summertime fun would not be complete without some tasty and delicious treats. For all of you ice cream and frozen yogurt connoisseurs (and who isn't?) who live in Rochester or might be just traveling through, here are some top-of-the-line establishments that you will want to put on your bucket list several times over.

Abbott's Frozen Custard

Arthur Abbott created a recipe for ice cream that millions of people drool over. In 1926, he opened up his ice cream stand on the corner of Lake Avenue and Beach Avenue. People from all over would line up at his stand while visiting the amusement park that was across the street from it at that time. The original Abbott's is still there. A trip to Ontario Beach Park is not complete without making a stop at Abbott's.

Hedonist Artisan Ice Cream

The ice cream at Hedonist Artisan is made to perfection and in small batches to ensure excellence. They use natural ingredients and are located in the South Wedge area of Rochester, NY. They offer very delicious and unusual flavors that you don't normally see at other ice cream places. You can even call in before coming so that your order is ready when you arrive. Even better, they have a chocolate shop next door with handcrafted sweets.

LuGia's Ice Cream

If you like enormous ice cream portions, you will adore LuGia's. Lou and Melinda Ferrari got their start in the ice cream business after they were offered some ice cream making equipment by a friend of theirs. In 1995, they decided to open up LuGia's, which was named after their two children. The sizes of the ice cream are baby, kiddie, small, medium and large. Just a warning though, the kiddie cone is the recommended size and more than enough ice cream for most people. If you really want to live it up and have an appetite the size of an elephant, try out the large. Thanks Melinda! (She came up with the idea of giving the generous portions.)

YoBerry Frozen Yogurt Bar

Serving yourself was never so much fun as it is here at YoBerry Frozen Yogurt Bar. Those who haven't tried frozen yogurt often raise an eyebrow when you mention it, but you owe it to yourself to try this out. With so many flavors and over 50 toppings, all controlled by your very own hands, you have the power to create a yogurt masterpiece.

Netsins Ice Cream

Two Irondequoit firefighters took matters into their own hands in 1998 and opened a much needed ice cream parlor in this area. Their delectable ice cream and generous portions have many people coming back for a repeat tasty treat. With so many flavors to choose from and even an ice cream plate, Netsins is taking the ice cream crowd to a whole new level.

Sarah Jonae-Ryan has lived in Rochester for more than 30 years. She has several blogs written on a variety of topics.