Best Place To See Metal Bands In West Michigan

Once upon a time the metal scene in west Michigan was huge, and Grand Rapids was the best place to see all of the great local metal bands (of which there were many). But now Grand Rapids seems to have far less clubs catering to a heavier metal sound, even though the city is still rich with metal bands.

You need only drive less than an hour and a half south to reach a great club that is still catering to many metal shows. That club is The Music Factory, located in Battle Creek, Michigan. Those that have been clubbing in Battle Creek for a couple decades may remember this club as Planet Rock.

Why It's A Great Venue

Not only does the venue have a great sound system and awesome lighting, but they also do all of their band booking through a legitimate company. They host national acts, and are always looking for local Michigan and Indiana bands to fill opening spots.

Back in the day, when this venue was still Planet Rock, it was host to some great bands, from Skid Row to Great White. It has continued in its popularity to this day, even with the name change. And, even if metal isn't your thing, you can still enjoy a night out at The Music Factory for some karaoke, or even to see some hunky guys up on the stage. They host more than just metal acts.

What Local Bands You Should Check Out

Hemlock is a groove/heavy metal band that has been in the news lately for become increasingly popular in the metal scene. They are a national act, from Las Vegas, Nevada, but they play shows in Michigan often, most recently at The Stache at The Intersection in Grand Rapids. They're coming back to play at The Music Factory and invited back one of their headliners from The Stache show, SkinJacket, to play with them again. SkinJacket is a westside Grand Rapids band with a raw metal sound.

Other great Michigan bands to watch for at future shows at The Music Factory include Nova Blast, 3 Minutes To Oblivion, and more. They really open up their doors to local music and help bands get gigs with great acts they may not otherwise have a chance to take the stage with.

Yvonne Stegall is a Michigan-based freelance writer, currently located in Grand Rapids. She loves music, nightlife, healthy food, and the hustle of city life. Learn more about Yvonne at her website and follow her on Facebook.