Make a Wish at These 5 Gorgeous NYC Fountains

The fountains of New York City have a special kind of charm to them with their beautifully designed centerpieces and rich history. While making your way around NYC, you might notice a few at popular tourist stops like Central Park or Rockefeller Center.

If you've got some spare change in your pocket, toss a coin in the water and make a wish at one of these gorgeous fountains in NYC:

1. Bethesda Fountain.
Located in Central Park, Bethesda Fountain is the centerpiece of Bethesda Terrace. Emma Stebbins, the first woman to receive public commission for a major art project in New York City, designed the sculpture in the center of the fountain, which is referred to by some as Angel of the Waters. Directions.

2. Prometheus Fountain.
It's hard to miss the bronze gilded statue of Prometheus in the fountain of the Lower Plaza at Rockefeller Center. Created by sculptor Paul Manship in 1934, the sculpture is the most photographed work of art in New York City. Directions.

3. Pulitzer Fountain.
Upon his death, Joseph Pulitzer left $50,000 to have a "fountain like those in the Place de la Concorde, Paris, France" placed in the Grand Army Plaza. His request was brought to life by Karl Bitter and architect Thomas Hastings who designed the fountain, featuring a bronze sculpture of the Greek goddess Pomona. Directions.

4. Unisphere and Fountain.
One of Queens' most iconic symbols, the Unisphere in Flushing Meadows Park became a landmark in May 1995. It was designed by Gilmore D. Clarke for the 1964-1965 New York World's Fair and features 96 fountainheads to hide the inverted tripod pedestal. Directions.

5. Lillian Goldman Fountain of Life.
This fountain, located in front of the New York Botanical Garden Library Building, is over 200 years old. Sculpted by Maine native Carl C. Tefft, the fountain features a scene involving cherubs and sea creatures. Directions.

tossing coin fountain
Randy Moon/Cinemaimage. Go forth and make your wishes.

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