Three of the Most Unique Date Spots in Dayton, Ohio

Whether you are just getting to know your semi-significant other, or they are your long-time love, you can both rediscover your city and each other at these three uniquely Daytonian date spots.

2nd Street Market
There is something about a farmer's market that just makes a gal swoon. I'm not sure if it's the idea of cooking something together, or the fact that it is shopping disguised as a date, or the free samples of everything from bakery-fresh bread to local honey, but fellas, the 2nd Street Market is a brilliant date destination. The market gets crowded on weekends during the warmer months, so not only will you have to get a little close to explore the stalls, but the topics of discussion are no-brainers: what's your favorite food, do you like to cook, do you think I could eat that entire baguette in one sitting, etc.

The best thing about the market is its variety of stalls. I have picked up a cup of tea inside the market, then ventured into the covered dining area to enjoy a scone while I wait for my kitchen knives to be sharpened at another booth. You can really cover all of your date needs here, from shopping for flowers to give to your sweetheart, to buying a bottle of wine to go with the local veggies you found for dinner. And if the date doesn't go as well as you had hoped, you can grab a box of chocolates that will be all yours to enjoy on the way out.

America's Packard Museum
Stick with me here, ladies, because yes, this is a car museum, but it is SO much fun. While you may think it would only entertain those with the ever-so masculine mix of testosterone and gasoline running through their veins, give The Citizens Motorcar Company America's Packard Museum a chance to prove you wrong. As the only restored Packard dealership operating as a museum, it is not only unique to Dayton, but is one-of-a-kind in general. The cars displayed there are also fairly unmatched in terms of beauty and construction. Not only can you learn all about their construction and history while you browse, but snapping a quick picture of you and your date with a classic car in the background isn't a bad idea, either. Open until 5 p.m. every day of the week, the museum is the perfect place to go and admire the cars and each other before grabbing dinner and drinks at a nearby restaurant.

Proto BuildBar
What could possibly be cooler than creating your own keepsake as a reminder of a great date while you are having drinks and enjoying that date? You can do just that at Proto BuildBar, which is kind of a modern toy factory for adults who enjoy adult beverages. Tucked away on East First Street, you might not notice the place if you aren't looking for it, but it is worth seeking out. Take your date for a drink or a coffee, and learn about the computers and 3-D printers that YOU can use to design and build trinkets of all types. From a keychain to a sculpture of your head, you can build it at Proto BuildBar. Don't worry - the staff there is very helpful with both bringing you beverages and bringing your creations to life (so to speak), so you don't have to be a computer whiz to have fun there. You can even take classes there if you are interested, or just drop by after your dinner date to see if you can get some sparks flying.

While it may not make any national lists for most romantic cities in the world, Dayton has some very cool places to explore with your partner in crime. Not only are there the standard bars and restaurants to enjoy (with new ones popping up all of the time), but there are some truly off-beat experiences to be enjoyed and remembered for a lot longer than just dinner and drinks.

Marguerite may have moved from big city sophisticate to Midwest maven, but she refuses to stop seeking out the finer things (on a budget) wherever she may be. She also contributes to national trade publications and business journals.