June: The Month When Lisbon Doesn't Sleep

Is your party mode on? Come to Lisbon during June and you'll have a hard time choosing the next party to go to. During this month the whole city becomes a huge stage for the most diverse kind of celebrations. It's Festas de Lisboa Festival, an unmissable event that will give you all the excuses not to go to bed early.

You don't even have to worry about where to find the party because wherever you are, there's surely something going on nearby. Just look around and follow the colourful ornaments hanging above your head.

It all starts on the 10th June - Portuguese National Day, by the way. Go strait to Terreiro do Paço where the Festival opening concert takes place. "Leave Pimba Alone" is the rough translation of a dauntless musical experience aiming to bring together jazz and classical music with Pimba, the Portuguese popular music style.

There you'll get a first impression of the dimension these celebrations can get. The true core of it will happen on the night of the 12th. This is the night when Lisbon celebrates its Patron - St. Antonio. Av. da Liberdade, one of the major boulevards will be invaded with a colourful parade of dancing and singing groups of people, each one representing a city's parish. But that's only the first detail. Everywhere you'll go, it will feel like every Lisbon's citizen has come out to dance, sing, eat sardines and drink sangria. There's no escape from this happy crowd. The best thing to do is go with the flow and party along.

From then on and until the end of the month you can keep on with the sangria and sardines special diet throughout the multiple festivities in every neighbourhood. Amongst the varied offer here are a few you shouldn't miss:

St. Anthony - From Popular to Contemporary Exhibition
(1 June to 3 July)
Lisbon popular Saint is the main reason for this festival. In this exhibition you'll learn more about St. Anthony and how the festivities have evolved from a catholic celebration to the burst of events that take the city during this time.

Fado in the Castle
(16 to 18 June)
Bringing together three of the most popular contemporary fado singers and the country's most visited monument, Fado in the Castle is a unique experience of music and heritage.

Ludopolis - The world of games in the garden
(17 to 19 June)
Of course the kids are not left out. At Jardim do Campo Grande they'll find all kinds of games and fun activities divided into six "villages" of games: multimedia, board games, popular games, sports games, children's village and building village.

Lisbon Maker Fair - Inventor's showcase
(25 to 26 June)
A showcase of inventors ant their funny, creative and peculiar inventions. You can meet the creators, participate in science and invention workshops and who knows what else might come up?

Silence Festival
(30 June to 3 July)
A festival happening around words and all the artistic forms they can take. This is an event where you can not only assist but participate actively using whatever form of expressing creativity you might choose.

Silvia is a writer and a traveller born and and raised in Lisbon. Although her journeys have been taking her a bit everywhere in the world, Lisbon is the city where she always return to unveil and write about its never ending wonders.

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