Top 5 Green Chilis in Denver

Though the dish can be spelled multiple ways, it is referred to here as "chili" for consistency.

Green chili sauce is a staple of Southwestern cuisine that's made its way into the hearts of Coloradans. The stuff is virtually everywhere in Denver. If you don't walk past a fresh roasted chili stand on your morning stroll, you'll find the savory hot sauce a la carte with every dish in town. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner - here are the best spots for a spicy mouthful of this local favorite.

1. Santiago's

Santiago's burritos are unabashedly addictive. Offering variable spice, they're entirely palatable. Their breakfast burritos are arguably the best. Even local grocers stock it so you can enjoy it at home. Wake up and smell the hot sauce!

2. Cherry Cricket

Conventionally the home of the best burger in Denver for decades, this divey diner smothers some of the best sauce over those famous burger patties. Sure, you'll leave a little greasier than you came. But you know it's worthy when local chefs give it their love.

3. La Loma

There's no avoiding green chili here. An essential for almost every menu item, their thick soup-like chili sauce takes over your tastebuds. And you're going to want it on everything after your visit. Check out the hype at their new Broadway location where they'll be transitioning to from their historic Jefferson Park location over the summer of 2016.

4. Señior Burritos

It's an unassuming brand with just two locations, but their pork-filled green chili is a Denver crowd-pleaser. Forget the menu, just swing by for an afternoon burrito and let the hot sauce do the talking.

5. Ophelia's Electric Soapbox

Go with me on this one, because it's an exception. Denver's new hipster-approved restaurant and concert venue has a special item listed on their starter menu: Green chili goat cheese cornbread. It's a mouthful. Though the dish veers away from the simplicity of its heritage, this innovative homage longs for the green chili spotlight.

Katy is a Denver-based writer and film creative. Read more musings on her blog or take a coffee break with her on Twitter @bykatypalmer.