Top Five Pop-Up Beer Gardens in Philadelphia

Beer gardens start 'poppin up' across Philadelphia beginning in the month of May. These spontaneous outdoor venues don't stop popping until September. These beer gardens range from spontaneous random sidewalk tents to larger venues like Independence Mall. In Philly, the suds are flowing all summer long.

Frankford Hall
This massive outdoor space seats over 200 people and is located in the Fishtown section. It's a modern- style German "biergarten". The hall features nine beers on tap delivered in half-liter and huge one liter steins. There is a walk-up food counter featuring German specialties.

Spruce Street Harbor Park
Referred to as one of the best urban beaches in America, this pop up park is located along the Delaware River. There is a beer garden surrounded by lily pads and floating barges with more beer, cocktails and food. There are also food vendor stalls, hammocks and boardwalk style games.

Parks on Tap
Concession trucks meet permanent parks during the brand new Parks on Tap. The trucks will pop up in lush extant spaces. There will be two trucks at a time (one food, one craft beer and more adult beverages), along with live music and outdoor games. The outdoor spaces to watch for are Schuylkill Banks at Walnut Street Bridge, Penn Treaty Park, Clark Park, Lemon Hill and more. The summer series runs from June 29 through October 2.

PHS Pop Up Garden
The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS) offers a different vibe via foliage that helps set the mood. On the South Street lot next to the Jamaican Jerk Hut, fragrant herbs, crape myrtles, climbing vines and a tall mulberry tree set a soothing tone. It features a botanical bar, frozen daiquiris and brewery favorites. The menu reflects the diversity of South Philly via sweet potato summer rolls, Italian charcuterie, and bacon guacamole.

The Oval
This pop up is on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway near the museums. This beer garden is open Wednesday through Saturday nights from July 15th through August 21. The Oval's beer selection varies throughout the five-week run. Along with beer there is food, musical performances, movies and mini-golf. Click here for a more detailed schedule.

Stasia DeMarco is a native Philadelphian. She has been a freelance journalist and content strategist for 20+ years.​

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