Bucket List For Your Visit To Eastown Grand Rapids

When it comes to the Grand Rapids area, the Wealthy Street District that leads into Eastown is one of the most booming areas right now. There are tons of things to do. In the heart of Eastown you have everything you need to have a great day full of fun, drinks, and music. Here are some things you absolutely have to do when visiting Eastown.

Go Vintage And Antique Shopping

There are some great shopping options in Eastown, but the two places you really need to stop if you want to get in some vintage and antique shopping time are Flashlight Alley and Eastown Antiques. For local art, vintage clothing and items, and tons of stuff with character, Flashlight Alley on Wealthy, right next to Yesterdog, is a must shop stop.

Once you're done there, and still itching for some oldies but goodies, head to Eastown Antiques on Lake Drive. It's one of the best antique stores in the Grand Rapids area. You're sure to find some fun old items to add to your home decor.

Get Spiritual​

The shopping doesn't stop there though. While you're visiting Eastown you absolutely need to take a stroll through Spirit Dreams. This amazing store sells everything you need to get in touch with yourself and nature. They carry all the crystals you can imagine, lots of spiritual items, and they also often have psychics, tarot readers, and other people that can help you get a handle on your future.

Indulge In Food

There are many great places to dine in the Eastown area, but there is one place that is known around the world, and that is Yesterdog. Even presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton stopped into this hot dog shop when she was in town. Whether you want something plain or you want the works, Yesterdog is the best place for hot dogs in Grand Rapids, and it is likely on many bucket lists!

Get Your Drink On

There are also plenty of places to get a drink in the Eastown area, but one of the newest highlights is the Eastown Sports Bar. Even if you're not into sports you'll enjoy the friendly faces and flowing drinks. Plus, it's right next door to Mulligan's Pub, where you'll want to go to enjoy more drinks and some music.

Catch Some Music

Setup in the back of Mulligan's Pub, in what was once a portion of the original home of The Intersection (a concert venue), Mulligan's hosts some great local music, and there's never a cover charge. Earlier in the week the sometimes have comedy shows as well. But if Music is your thing, a weekend night is perfect to catch some, usually after 10 pm.

Yvonne Stegall is a Michigan-based freelance writer, currently located in Grand Rapids. She loves music, nightlife, healthy food, and the hustle of city life. Learn more about Yvonne at her website and follow her on Facebook.