Five Cats That Will Inspire You to Get Outdoors

It's no secret to anyone who knows me that I'm a cat person. This is true for several reasons: beyond the fact that they are soft and I find their disdainful nature hilarious, cats live a lazy, carefree lifestyle that I find enviable. Cats don't need to worry about completing their friend's 30 day fitness challenge. Instead, they sleep. Isn't that the dream?

Recently, though, my eyes have been open to a new movement in the cat community - namely, adventure cats. These are cats that, like dogs, have been leash trained and accompany their owners on hikes, camping trips, and even boat rides. It ends up that not all of our feline friends want to sit in a nice arm chair and watch the world go by. Some of them want to get out in it, but in a way that is much safer for the cat than letting it roam free.

So, to inspire all of you out there who, like me, need a little push to get up and move, here are five cats who's outdoor adventures will shame you into getting up off your couch:

Bolt and Keel
These kitties were found abandoned in a local park by their now owners who took them on a two-day canoeing, hiking, and camping trip and never looked back. Their main goal in life is to rub paws with Ellen Degeneres, but in the meantime they spend a lot of time looking incredibly at home on the water. Why nap in a bed when you can do it in a kayak?

Eevee of Whiskered Away fame is a beautiful tortoiseshell kitty. She spends a lot of time walking in the woods with her human, Emily, and recently got a sponsorship deal with Purina. Imagine what opportunities could await you if you just stepped outdoors?

Eevee's little sister, this cat is learning the ropes when it comes to being outdoors. Her journey from typical house cat to leash-trained pro will inspire you to get out and do a little adventuring of your own. In a world of seasoned hikers, Kasha reminds us that everyone gets their start somewhere.

Rufus and Piper
Hailing from Salt Lake City, these cats literally climb mountains. They have been to more National Parks than I have and are even potty trained. What have you accomplished today?

Dweezil loves nothing more than some tall grass and a nice, dirty trail to roll around in. This cat can also be found on his leash, leisurely strolling the neighborhood sidewalks, reminding us all that adventures can come in all shapes and forms.

Kerry Erlanger is a writer from New York (state not city). She can be found on twitter @hellokerry.