Where to Watch July 4, 2016, Fireworks in Murrells Inlet

Time and tide may wait for no man -- or woman -- but every so often the tide makes it difficult to get in all of the Fourth of July activities in Murrells Inlet. So for 2016, Murrells Inlet's annual boat parade will be begin at 5 p.m. on July 2, while annual fireworks will blast off at 10 p.m. over the Marsh Walk on July 4.

Boat parade

Fourth of July fireworks are an annual event along the Marsh Walk in Murrells Inlet, but an event that has gone on longer is the 33rd annual Boat Parade in the Inlet, held this year at 5 p.m. Come out early to the Point in Garden City to watch the boats launch, add your boat to the field or tag along for the fun always, of course, with you and your boat decorated in keeping with the theme, support for the military. Make sure you have your water apparel on too; you're bound to get wet whether by land or by sea. Don't forget to cheer on the winners. Entry fee for the boat parade is $5 and can be completed by stopping by Garden City Realty, Booty's Outdoors and Marlin Quay Marina or the committee boat an hour before launch.

Prizes will be awarded for the best decorated boats.

Dock watching

A second set of watching can be done from the docks in the Inlet on July 2nd. People who live on the Marsh Walk decorate their docks and themselves for a chance at bragging rights. No one is counted out early.

In fact, this year, because of the tide, Murrells Inlet visitors and guests can get their fix for the Fourth on the Second.

Fireworks prep

Come dark and come along, the MarshWalk restaurants are gussied up for the Fourth of July with special dinner and drink offerings on July 4. Fireworks go off at 10 pm. The annual boat parade is two days earlier, on July 2..

Be mindful, however that the parking rules have changed at some spots this
year -- you may be charged to park if you don't dine at one of the MarshWalk restaurants that does not provide valet or private parking.

The Garden City side

People, the key word is get there early. Once you're in place, you just aren't going to want to move -- you may find it impossible to move. Walk out to the point in Garden City but be sure to bring a picnic basket and some toys to play with. You'll be there for a while. If your destination is The Pier at Garden City, any arrival later than 7 might be problematic.

A.E. Crone has written and edited for publications in the Grand Strand and worldwide.