Best Butcher Shops in Kansas City

Whether you want to grill up some grade-A steaks or find the perfect beef for burgers, the best way to go about it is by finding a good butcher. The grocery store is fine, but to truly experience good meat and learn how to best cook it, the neighborhood butcher is the only way to go. For all your meat-related needs, here are a few of the best butchers in the Kansas City area.

1. The Local Pig

The Local Pig shoots more for the "artisan" butcher as opposed to the more traditional, blue collar butcher shop. That said, they have a delicious and eclectic mix of options, including a wide variety of specialty sausages and burgers. They get into some harder to obtain items as well. Head cheese, duck fat, and chicken liver mousse have all been spotted behind the glass at the Local Pig. Try their burger patties; they're full of flavor and there are a lot of options for specialties. Like most butcher shops, they also have a deli (in the parking lot) that serves a few different sandwiches. All are delicious.

2. Fritz's Meats and Superior Sausages

Fritz's claims they have the superior sausage in the area, and they aren't lying. They don't have quite the innovative selection of Local Pig, but Fritz's makes some delicious hot dogs and sausages. Fritz's is also extremely affordable, especially when you consider the quality of the product you are getting. They are extremely friendly and helpful, especially when it comes to specialty orders or requests. For example, Fritz's will smoke any meat you bring them for a very small fee. If you are eating at Fritz's, ask for their reuben sandwich. It comes and goes, so it may not be available. If it is, you will shortly be enjoying one of the best sandwiches in Kansas City.

3. McGonigle's Market

McGonigle's is the most famous entry on this list, as they ship their meat nationally and are frequently bragged about on local restaurant menus ("Our burgers are made with McGonigle's beef!"). In addition to their meats, McGonigle's has a full-on grocery store, although it is limited in scope. However, this means a full meal can be picked up in a trip to McGonigle's, including produce and wine. They also carry a wide variety of quality seafood, which can be tough to find in Kansas City. Their steaks are amazing, and plenty of Kansas City residents buy their holiday turkeys and hams from McGonigle's. Their food truck specializes in barbecue, but go there during the week and grab the cheeseburger deluxe.

4. Broadway Butcher Shop

Broadway Butcher Shop is one of the best places in the city for quality seafood. Their meats are equally delicious, and the real highlight of Broadway Butcher Shop is the customer service. This is a shop populated by people who love what they do and know their craft. They have absolutely amazing aged pork, and their steaks and sausages are delicious. This is the place to go if you are a relative newbie to cooking quality meats, as they are known throughout the city as being helpful and knowledgeable how to best cook the delicious product they sell.

5. Carcineria y Tortilleria San Antonio

Some of the best authentic Mexican food in the city can be found in the Tortilleria San Antonio. Their street tacos are extremely inexpensive and absolutely delicious. It can be a little intense if you aren't a fan of spicy food, but, then again, it is authentic Mexican. Their grocery selection is a great place to pick up some harder to find ingredients if you want to try to replicate their recipes at home. Grab some of their amazing, housemade tortillas while you're there. They'll help make anything you throw in there even more delicious.

Any other butcher shops in the Kansas City area to check out? Which of these is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

Jordan Baranowski is a writer and teacher in Kansas City. He loves the food, drink, and culture of the city. You can check out his Top Five New Restaurants in Kansas City here and Top Five Places to Act Like a Kid in KC here. He is co-owner of the food blog