'Pokémon Go' Tips: Where to Hunt for Pokemon in and Near Fargo, ND

Pokemon Go is surprisingly great, not only because it forces you to walk places, but also because it's given people reason to stop and say "hi" when they walk by each other. I've chatted with more people on the street than ever before thanks to the game, and met a couple of pretty lovely pups, too, as their owners walk them while catching Rattata. The best, though, was definitely the guy who was playing on his bike. As he biked by me playing, he shouted, "This is the bestttt!" True.

Here are my favorite spots to catch 'em all in and around Fargo:

Moorhead, MN:

In Fargo the best spots to hunt Pokemon are all downtown, but I've caught the most interesting species in Moorhead near the river. Go explore the areas near MB Johnson Park and over by the Clay County Courthouse.

Fargo, ND:

Downtown there have been constant lures on the corners of 2nd Ave and Broadway, and south at 1st Ave and Broadway near Wurst. For the past couple days, up to 4 lures on each of these street corners have been going at once!

The most maddening gym is probably the one located just outside of Great Northern Bikes at the Water Tower because there's an apartment building located within playing distance, which means anytime the gym is taken over by a new player someone in the apartment building can almost immediately take it back (for Team Red).

Glyndon, MN:

There's also a Gym and Poke stop in Glyndon at the Post Office, which is about 6 miles outside of town near the river, which had some fun Pokemon I hadn't seen in town at all. And if you're already out there, head to the Poke stop at Buffalo River State Park, which is at the Swimming Lake.

Jodi Regan is Team Yellow, but also a freelance writer based out of Fargo with a Masters in Philosophy from the University of Chicago. Follow her adventures, both Pokemon related and otherwise, on Instagram and Twitter @jodestool.