'Pokémon Go' Tips: Where to Hunt for Pokémon in Indianapolis

Get up, get out, and explore! That's one of the taglines for the latest, über popular "amplified reality" phone game-apps, Pokémon GO. And the good news is, you really only need a pair of comfortable shoes and a cell phone to play. Really—that's all! Anyone can do it, it's easy.

Well ,OK. Wait. If you've been living the recluse life for the past few decades and have no idea what I'm talking about, then it might not seem that easy. No worries. The Internet exists for people like you (and, er, um, me). Check out the Complete Beginner's Guide to Pokémon by TechRadar—it walks you through the basics and will have you outside chasing the little pocket monsters in no time at all. Then, once you're ready, go explore — because as it turns out, the Circle City is a mecca for the tiny, animal-like creatures. Here's a short guide to a few hot spots where Pokémon have been spotted throughout White River State Park — the center for all things going on in downtown Indy.

Congressional Medal of Honor Memorial—dedicated to all recipients of the Medal of Honor, the United States military's highest award for valor, not only is this a breathtaking and educational commemorative, it's also a good spot to look for fighting Pokémon and maybe even a few ghost Pokémon.
650 W. Washington St

NCAA Hall of Champions—a museum chalk full of both recent and vintage collegiate sport memorabilia, search for psychic Pokémon. 700 W Washington St

Indiana State Museum—look for all species of Pokémon hanging out within the 200 Years of Indiana Art: A Cultural Legacy celebrating the Hoosier state's bicentennial. And while you're there, be sure to watch the National Parks Adventure in IMAX 3D, a movie celebrating the 100th birthday of our National Parks.
650 W. Washington St

Victory Field—home to the MiLB team, the Indianapolis Indians, this is a great place to look for grass Pokémon and ground Pokémon among others. And while you're there take in a game; they start a seven-game home series July 18th. 501 W. Maryland St

Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art—discover the Grand Canyon and the many wonders of the American West while you look for fire, dragon, and fairy Pokémon. And have lunch while you're there too—they serve some impressive dishes! 500 W. Washington St

The USS Indianapolis Memorial—look for water Pokémon along the banks of the White River Canal Walk and throughout the memorial dedicated to the sailors of the USS Indianapolis. 692 Ellsworth St

The Indianapolis Zoo—one never knows what kind of pocket monster might be lurking around the corner at the zoo, but you might get lucky enough to find a rare ice Pokémon in the Arctic exhibit (not to mention a bug Pokémon near the flamingos). 1200 W. Washington St

Farm Bureau Insurance Lawn at White River State Park—one of the best outdoor venues for music in the Midwest, the lawn is also a known hangout for electric Pokémon. 801 W. Washington St

Now GO! Get up, get out, and explore White River State Park and find those Pokémon. Oh and for the record, IF I were a Pokémon, I'd be Sylveon and my best friend would be Blaziken — we'd be one heck of an odd, but effective team.

Shauna Nosler lives in Indianapolis. She's a contributor to both the Indianapolis Star and Indianapolis Monthly Magazine as well as to the national news organization U.S. News & World Report. More of her writing can be found at shaunalnosler.contently.com and on her blog, The Flavored Word.

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