Where to Find Houses from 4 Famous TV Shows in Los Angeles

Many beloved TV families "lived" in houses that really exist and are occupied by real people in Los Angeles. Here's where you can find some of them. But whatever you do, don't ring the doorbell or otherwise bother the current residents.

If you want to see a lot of fake houses you'll recognize from TV shows like "The Middle," "Gilmore Girls," "Bewitched" and "The Partridge Family," take a tour of the Warner Brothers Studios in Burbank.

1. "The Brady Bunch" — 11222 Dilling St., North Hollywood
Not to burst anyone's bubble, but unlike how it's depicted in this beloved '70s sitcom, the Brady's mid-century abode is actually just one story, and the garage is attached. Aside from a fence in the front yard to ward off lookie-loos, this house pretty much unchanged after over four decades.

2. "Happy Days" — 565 N. Cahuenga Blvd., Los Angeles
Richie and Potsie can be seen pulling up into the driveway of the Cunningham's colonial-style house as the theme song of this beloved comedy plays. But they're not really in Milwaukee—they're in Hollywood, just a few blocks from Paramount Pictures Studios, where the series was filmed. Fonzie's cool bachelor pad above the garage was purely fictional, so you may be disappointed not to see it here.

3. "Modern Family" — 121 South Cliffwood Ave., Los Angeles
The ultra-modern house that's home to "Modern Family" patriarch Jay Pritchett is located in Brentwood. It's not too far a drive to the homes of Jay's kids, which are closer to 20th Century Fox Studios, where this sitcom is filmed. Claire's more traditional two-story house is at 10336 Dunleer Drive in Cheviot Hills, while Mitchell's Spanish-style "duplex" (it's really a single residence) is at 2211 Fox Hills Drive in Century City.

4. "Mad Men" — 675 Arden Road, Pasadena
When the Drapers were still one big not-so-happy family, they lived in this two-story house that's actually across the country from their fictional home in Ossining, N.Y. In fact, since the series was filmed in L.A., most of the exterior shots were filmed here, not in the Big Apple. You can find Don's friend Anna's Craftsman-style cottage at 4012 S. Carolina St. in San Pedro, and his childhood home at 1355 Carroll Ave. in Los Angeles (it's much nicer than its depiction in the TV series).

Laura Goldman is a freelance writer and lifelong Angeleno. Check out her i Still Love Dogs blog and follow her on Twitter.

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