'Pokémon Go' Tips: Searching the North Shore of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pokémon Go in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania has begun. Get your Android or iOS smart phone tuned up because the virtual reality Pokémon creatures are running wild. There have been sightings at various locations around the Steel City but the best stretch of the Pokémon hunt has to be on the North Shore of Pittsburgh.

The North Shore of Pittsburgh is home to the Three Rivers Heritage Trail, PNC Park, Heinz Field, the Andy Warhol Museum, many iconic bridges and one of the best views of the city. The North Shore trail runs along the Allegheny River which is known for great Pokémon Magikarp fishing. The trail is mostly paved for easy walking and biking and offers many scenic PokéStops and exciting opportunities to capture Drowzees, Zubats, Tauros, Psyducks and more. Just make sure you take care while on the trail while searching Pokémon lore as is a favorite avenue for bicyclist, joggers and fisherman.

If you are ready for the Pittsburgh North Shore Pokémon Go experience then seek out these top five prime locations:
  1. Three Rivers Heritage Trail: On the North Shore of Pittsburgh along the Allegheny River is the Three Rivers Heritage Trail. Look for a placard describing the trail history and you will find a PokéStop. The placard is on the trail across from the Confluence building on River Ave on the river side of the trail.
  2. The Oliver High School Bridge Mural: If you captured the Pokémon at the Three Rivers Heritage Trail placard then you want to head A bit north on the trail and find yourself under the Veterans Bridge that heads in and out of the city. The mural was painted in 1998 by Oliver High School students and depicts scenes, personalities and symbolism of greater Pittsburgh.
  3. Guardian of the Bridge (16th Street Bridge): Pittsburgh has so many intricately detailed bridges that you need to take a closer look to see all of the great artwork. Take a look up at the 16th Street Bridge before you walk under it and you will see the Guardian of the Bridge and check into your Poké Stop . Don't look up to long as you might get swarmed by Chamanders.
  4. Hollow Man: Seek out the Hollow Man metal sculpture hiding on the side of the Three Rivers Heritage Trail and he will provide Poké Balls and show you where the little pidgeys are hiding.
  5. Ninth Street Bridge: Locally known as the Rachel Carson Bridge, Pokemon trainers should search under and above for a PokéStop and a chance at a few Zubats.
Other PokéStops on the North Shore
If you are still in Pokémon Go mode after visiting the above locations then visit the sculptures and artwork along the North Shore wharf and the Roberto Clemente Bridge for a few more PokéStops. Check around PNC Park and Heinz Field for other interesting PokéStops and be sure to seek out the 10 foot tall steel bucket on the way to the Heinz Lofts.

With a scenic trail, awesome city vista, iconic bridges and plenty of PokéStops and creatures to take in, it is hard to beat the North Shore stretch of the Pokémon Go Pittsburgh adventure.

Scott Kozelnik has lived in the North Hills of Pittsburgh for over 10 years. He's been published by Arcadia Publishing - Images of America and was a contributor to the West Virginia Encyclopedia. He manages the Pittsburgh.net events blog and social media touch points.