'Pokemon Go' Tips: Where to Hunt for Pokemon in Greenville, SC

Pokemania is back, and it's bigger than ever! Greenvillians love them some Pokemon. If you can get past the server errors, some Poke chasing will make for a fun afternoon or evening. Pokemon groups are organically forming in some of the hotspots, like Downtown Main Street and Falls Park. Jump on into some augmented reality and let the games begin.

Downtown Greenville
This is the center of the Pokemon universe in the area. A walk down Main Street will likely result in at least ten Pokemon and upwards of 150 balls. There are several gyms as well, but they do change hands quickly. Falls Park is another goldmine of action, and with the concentration of both grass and water, this is a prime spot to find a variety of Pokemon.

There will also be a Pokemon GO trainer meet up and pub crawl in downtown Greenville on Thursday, July 21, in an effort to catch 'em all. Meet at Upstate Craft Beer Company at 6:30 p.m. to leave toward downtown at 7 p.m. There may also be some business partnerships to add to the fun. Come dressed in your best Poke attire!

Pokemon love to hang out in parks, and the beauty of Poke hunting in these environments is that you can roam freely without interrupting someone's place of employment or bathroom break. (Really?) Head straight to Tiger River Park, where you'll find 15 Pokespots and three gyms just waiting for ya. Cleveland Park is packed with Pokemon, and the Greenville Zoo is a Pokespot. A walk between Cleveland Park and Falls Park on the Swamp Rabbit Trail, where the Magmars like to hang out, is definitely in order. Timmons Park is another spot to hit up, with some four gyms located there. Other parks worth a visit to shoot up a few levels include Williamston Park, Conestee Park, and Legacy Park.

It makes sense that Greenville's universities attract Pokemon. In addition to the plethora of incense burning, there is also a concentration of young people playing the game as well as wide open park-like spaces to explore.

At Furman University, the lake is a not only home to real-life wildlife such as swans and turtles, but it is also an optimal environment for seeking virtual Pokemon critters. Furman's lake is loaded with spots and gyms. While down the road at Clemson University, the Botanical Gardens seem to be an ideal locale to find some Poke friends. Bob Jones University is ripe with activity as well.

As the game explains, "Pokemon can be found in every corner of the earth. Some run across the plains, others fly through the skies, some live in the mountains, or in forests, or near water." So head to the hills (or downtown Main Street), catch those Pokes, and have an energizing good time getting out and about. Please, people, be safe and mindful of your surroundings. No virtual tiny creature is worth putting yourself in danger. Now, go!

Jannan Poppen is a travel writer based in Greenville, SC. She's an explorer at heart and will try just about anything once, including Pokemon Go.